Celtic And Aberdeen Put On A Show Last Night. What Were Sky Sports Viewers Watching?

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Last night, as Celtic and Aberdeen played out a high tempo game to see whether we’d stay top of the SPFL, Sky cameras were elsewhere, as they had decided not to bother broadcasting it.

The people who have shown almost every Ibrox club away game this season, bar one, and even a couple of home matches, had decided Aberdeen-Celtic wasn’t worth covering.

That would have amazed Celtic fans living all across the UK.

Instead they were treated – or rather they were subjected – to second tier football from England. And not one of the games that was offered as an alternative had a fraction fo the excitement of our own.

I will accept that we have been spoiled over the years.

There are only two clubs in Britain who can be reliably assured to see the bulk of, if not all of, their away matches on television. Indeed, this is one of the arguments I’ve long made about our “moving to England”; there is no way we’d be on the telly every other match-day.

This is the thing about Sky Sports Scotland’s match coverage; down through the years, it’s basically two teams that they keep an eye on. Of late, however, that has changed.

At the moment they only seem to want to focus on one of them, and it ain’t us.

How embarrassing for them that it’s Celtic who are setting the pace right now.

How embarrassing that their coverage has been so slanted in favour of watching the second placed side. But last night is a new low in their contempt for the game here, and their own audience.

That was a premier match at Pittodrie last night, before it even kicked off.

It produced more thrills and spills than any of the games which were being covered in England, and frankly their schedulers should have watched it in embarrassment and especially those whose job it is to promote football here, because their focus on making sure that just one club in the SPFL was being looked after robbed their viewers last night of a very good match.

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  • Bryan Coyle says:

    Sky Sports Scotland run by huns for huns

  • Kyogos Dream Team says:

    Nae way that Fat Hun Bastard BOYDCHUNKO wid be at Pittodrie wae 2 sets ae Fans wanting tae DAE HIM IN LOL!

  • NICK66 says:

    Don’t pay Sky a single Sou never mind a monthly. I watched Celtic though. Total nerve fest, nails receding and spine a tingling.

  • Eugenio Savelli says:

    I pay sky £115 per/ month and I struggle to see a live game with Celtic playing unless you go to
    PPV well I for one will not put up with this much longer as it’s certainly not good value for money.

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