Celtic Are Still Prone To Being Physically Outfought. That Has To Change.

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The thing that came across most last night, from almost the minute of kick-off, was how much bigger and stronger than us they looked last night. They certainly made use of it.

They bullied us in so many parts of the pitch. They did so easily.

This is a problem that we have. This team is still made up of small players who can be muscled out of the game. Half of their team was well over 6 feet. We couldn’t compete with that physicality, and there are only two ways to solve that problem.

The first is that the current players get stronger. That can be done, but it takes tremendous effort and the right kind of training. The second is that the manager brings in players explicitly for their physical characteristics.

It’s obvious that this won’t be the model, and so this team is simply going to have to get tougher and stronger on its own.

This isn’t a time for having major doubts. This team has been good enough to reach the summit of the SPFL and to win the first trophy. We are still on course for a storming domestic campaign.

But this is not perfect. This team has not reached its peak yet.

But the problems which remain are coming into focus, and there are teams here in Scotland who have bullied us during this campaign, so we can hardly say that this was unexpected. It has been a worry from the early stages.

Teams are going to suss this if they haven’t already.

They are going to get in our faces, stop our natural game, harass us at every step … and so we either get tougher or we’re going to have more nights like last night. The manager and the coaching staff need a plan. I hope they have one.

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  • Smokey says:

    Correct James…we are lightweight and it showed big time last night…

  • John S says:

    Bodo attacked as a unit, defended as a unit, condensing the field of play to 20-30 yards. Celtic remained outnumbered in every area, all night. Bodo won on tactics and effort. They were the better team (lessons to be learned).
    I disagree that the tie is over but agree that we should concentrate on the main prize.

  • jrm63 says:

    When you play two wingers against decent opposition you need two holding midfield players. Back to basics. Soro, McCarthy, O’Riley. Old school. Buzzer, Cruncher, Spreader.
    I know that Soro and McCarthy are not up to it. That is why we are having this discussion,

  • Jim Duffy says:

    Yes we were second best all over the field last night ,hit the nail on the head James we are far too lightweight in midfield,also how many corners did we have and never troubled them once with any of them,as for short corners do me a favour ,fire a corner into the box and it might go in of somebody’s arse or knee or whatever ,but short corners are terrible ,and why do we always rush throwing and free kicks when the opposition are just as fast and strong as us ,we wasted a lot of them.

  • Mark B says:

    I have been ridiculed on here for saying the same two things for months:
    1 we are far too small and physically light. Especially at set pieces, both defending and having little or no attacking threat.
    2 To complete our squad we need at least 3 international level players….. a tall left back a tall CH and a strong defensive midfield player. I love McGregor but he is at his best further forward he is not a Scott Brown or Hay or Lennon. We need a player of this type badly.

    After last night I would add two more points:

    1 we cannot play McGregor Rogic and O’Riley in same team against class opposition as all there are offensive and we need at least one defensive midfielder. See point 2 above.
    2 After we went top of the league we needed a reality check we are not as good as we think we are. The result in Dortmund was stunning we are in a massive fight for this title and need to realise that before it’s too late.

  • Lordmac says:

    We beat ourselves, by. Playing 2 defenders to far up the park and playing Taylor. And McGregor on the same side. They were causing us us nothing going forward 65% of our. Play was in backward play not once did Vickers,startfeld, look up to make a forward pass beyond McGregor, or Taylor, not one. Effort made to play into feet. Of a forward the midfield wasted there time never did they get into their box playing one we guy up getting no service waas brutal against giant’s late second half was a bit better. But Taylor and McGregor should have got hooked and Jacko also

  • Quinny says:

    I’ve been pointing this out for a long time , we’re powderpuff in the Midfield … I thought signing McCarthy would alleviate the problem but he’s now become the Invisible man , so I’ve been saying put Ralston in the Middle of the Park … he can dig , he’s strong and pacey and can score goals … a no Brainer .

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