Celtic Attended The Vote On VAR Today. We’ll Soon Find Out Who Really Supports It.

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Celtic attended the SPFL meeting on VAR today. We are going to find out, very soon, whose public posturing is honest and who has been lying to the rest of the game. We want this technology. Ibrox has publicly claimed that it does.

Other clubs have been whining about decisions and officials for a long, long time. Are they ready to put their votes behind reform?

We are about to find out. I suspect a lot of club fans will be shocked when they find out who isn’t actually in favour of these changes after all.

There is a lot of disinformation out there on this subject, a lot of club’s virtue signalling but who don’t want to actually pay the costs. There might even be some who don’t really want an additional level of refereeing.

Celtic most definitely does want these changes.

We believe that technology can solve a lot of the issues which have plagued our game, and I know there are varying levels of concern over certain officials. VAR will not solve all of these problems but it will give some of these officials no place to hide when it comes to key moments which right now they can gloss over.

I understand that the financial pressures are worrying some clubs.

I know, too, though that others understand that clubs like Celtic, who play attacking football will be more likely to benefit from this technology than sides who play more defensively and have more opportunities to make punishable mistakes.

The kind of aggression some clubs adopt will also be punished harshly if referees have more opportunities to scrutinise violent challenges. They might not be terribly keen on their “playing style” by subjected to an added level of scrutiny either.

And of course we suspect that certain officials aren’t going to be terribly pleased at being “second guessed” or overruled by technology. Especially when that technology will make it impossible for them to allow some of what they do and have.

All of them are about to be put on the spot.

The game needs this, and those who would try to prevent its implementation will have to explain their thinking. For some of them, that is not going to be easy to do, especially in light of what they’ve told their fans.

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  • Benjamin says:

    Blows my mind that the cost, reportedly £100k/club/yr, is the sticking point. £1.2m for the entire league per season. Surely they can get some financial assistance from UEFA as well as some additional sponsorship income to help pay the costs. Even right now, the SFA is getting pretty substantial sums from UEFA in the form of solidarity payments. That amount will go way up starting next year when Scotland has at least 1 (maybe 2!) clubs in Champions League group stages and a third club getting automatic group stage in Conference League if they bomb out of the Europa League playoff. Can we not just use the solidarity payments to pay for this?

  • Guchi Boy says:

    The Knuckodraggaz think the FILTH want this but dae they Fuk! They widny get a quarter ae the decisions they get ranoo & El Fat Cuntio wid be SENT AFF 10 times a Season lol! They really believe they’re being Cheated wk in wk oot.. Fukin HILARIOUS BAWAHAHAHAHAHA!!

  • Scud Missile says:

    So what was the point in this meeting today we know it ain’t coming into the game just now and it is probably a year to 18 months down the line so what a waste of peoples time today.

  • Nick66 says:

    VAR as FAR as the eye can see.

  • Joseph Mcaleer says:

    A day of reckoning for the LANARKSHIRE refereeing team.

  • Martin says:

    Succulent media already have the “costs soared” stories out. Expect it to be rejected but no voting breakdown given or secret ballot. Then the rumours can continue it was Celtic or the costs were too much for the “smaller clubs” and the klanbase can keep taking their deludamol.

  • Pan says:

    The SFA are a controlling body and they should pony up most of the funds for this. Has anyone ever seen their accounts? How much of what they get in do they put back in to the game? The game is run by cowardly and devious sycophantic dinosaurs, completely lacking in either wisdom or personality.

  • Bob (original) says:

    Remember when they had a ‘referees summit’ – with SPL managers and referees about the poor match officiating – and the output was that they ‘would look into VAR’ but there were questions about its cost.

    That meeting was 3 [three] years go last month, in Perth.

    The SFA – and the clubs – have done heehaw since then, as far as the paying punters are aware anyway.

    So this meeting today: what will it achieve?

    Maybe a committee will be set up to have a look at VAR: that should kick it into the long grass for another few years.

    And of course, covid will be a useful excuse for several seasons to come as well.

    We’ll get VAR only when UEFA mandates its implementation.

  • scouse bhoy says:

    will the gutless be all over this to find out who voted for and against, a quite simple question really.

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