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Celtic Brilliantly Slaps Back At The Ibrox CEO’s Arrogant Drivel.

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Earlier on this week, I said that Stewart Robertson had lied about the Celtic ticket situation when he claimed that the two clubs had gotten around the table and decided that there would be no fans at the first two games of the season.

This did not happen anything like the way he suggested.

Celtic believe we were stitched up by Ibrox and acted accordingly.

Now, this morning, the club has hit back at his claim that away fans will be returning in these games before the end of the campaign. That might not be the case.

Celtic have put out their own statement today which basically says “We decide who comes to our house, not anybody else.” It seems pretty clear that the club is waiting to see what Ibrox does before deciding on our own response.

If they continue to mess us about we’ll hit them right back.

“Further to recent media reports regarding ticket allocations for away fans at Celtic Park, to clarify, Celtic determines the allocation for visiting teams at Celtic Park and will confirm the position for future matches at the appropriate time,” is what we’ve said today.

It is a slap back at the arrogant presumption of Ibrox to pretend now to be taking some moral high ground.

It is also a sure sign that no such discussions between the clubs have taken place or are likely to take place; as I’ve said all along, relations between the clubs are at absolute rock bottom, with Celtic furious at their behaviour over a long period of time.

According to sources, Celtic wants a return to the old arrangement.

I can confirm that this is absolutely the case.

We have been consistent in that policy since the initial changes to the ticketing arrangements were made. We have attempted to get this matter resolved several times; Robertson’s words show no desire on the part of Ibrox to fix it.

It’s precisely this kind of egocentric posturing from this joker that has sparked Celtic’s response, and I can tell you that behind the scenes the club is livid about this and in no mood to play nice, and especially when the Ibrox CEO is seen within the game at the representative of a batshit board with absolutely no credibility whatsoever.

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  • Frankie Pearson says:

    A club with no money calling the shots, does this outfit think they run Scottish football all mouth and no money.

  • JimBhoy says:

    No away fans suits Celtic perfectly. Suits us at CP as we saw recently and no vandalised bogs. Suits us at their sh!tpit, how many times have you heard their fans get on the players backs when things are not going great….Their self-entitlemant is great to see in both those scenarios.

  • Peter brady says:

    They are running on fumes the toxic entity no company will assoate items produce or its identity with them because you become tainted and will go out of buisness like the 1st and sevco it can’t happen soon enough HAIL! HAIL! In Ange we trust

  • Chris says:

    Celtic have to stick to their guns on this one, if we don’t we will look weak, sevco are attempting to bully us and we must not allow this to happen, fck their 800 tickets we don’t want to go to their midden and we certainly don’t want them in Paradise HH

    • larsson7 says:

      Him and the rest of their horrible fans,.
      Who wants to be a part of their horrible fans,the Hibs Cup Final,,George Square twice destroyed,the march through Glasgow,the police happened to come across.!!!!!!
      Tell him to go and jump in the Clyde, have nothing to do with them,and him
      Glasgow’s shame.

  • REBELLIOUS says:

    Thank you James, at last a brilliant response from Celtic FC, they cannot let them run the narrative because they simply cannot be trusted.
    And for me, they should keep that lot out of Paradise forever.
    They have no respect and therefore, deserve nothing, nada, zilch, in Scottish; heefuqnhaw.

  • Guchi Boy says:

    Fuk the FILTH, gie them their full stadium packed wae Knuckodraggin SCUM & when Hatate pings wan in after 5 mins they’ll go Fukin TONTO LOL! 3-0 up at HT they’ll be Shuffling alang tae the Subway BAWAHAHAHAHAHA!!

  • Smokey says:

    Robertson making out “ we” had discussions.,,
    a blatant lie and our club has called that out.

  • Bob (original) says:

    Admittedly, I don’t go to away games, but

    do we need any sevco fans allocated tickets at Celtic Park?

    No sevco fans’ section could be the sensible way forward – permanently?

    It was a party atmosphere at the recent game: why do we need their hassle?

  • Justshatered says:

    The atmosphere at the last game was great as they, and their accompanying bile, weren’t there.

  • AntonDeclan says:

    I attended the derby game at Paradise a few years ago when they beat us 2-1 (possibly ‘Gerrard shouting down the camera’ one), where regrettably I was near the few hundred huns in attendance. I’ve lived for 50 odd years with their multitude of crap but was still astounded at their behaviour that day. There was a minute’s applause for one of our previous players from days gone by (apologies but I cannot recall the name) and as I stood there clapping, I looked across at the away ‘fans’ (they are not decent human beings never mind fans), where I was, as I say, astounded. Give credit to the only two guys I saw clapping but the rest were talking, laughing, giving the ‘vicky’ etc etc etc. What sort of mindset do these folk have, where as always there was no respect being shown by the MAJORITY (not a minority as the media always paint it). It goes against my view of football (two sets of fans, better atmosphere etc) but on this occasion I agree with the comments that we say good riddance to them coming to Celtic Park and they can stick their Ibrox tickets too. COYBIG!
    PS I remember when they were so bad that we used to be given almost half the tickets at their place for this particular Glasgow Derby….you never know, win the league this year Celtic and we may see this again!!!!

  • jrm63 says:

    Be careful what you wish for. They got it. 800 fans is simply not worth the trouble in terms of security and money lost in establishing a buffer. Lets keep things as they are

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