Celtic Reject Boyd’s Pathetic Non-Apology As The Backlash Grows.

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Last night, I compared Kris Boyd’s pitiful non-apology to the tactics being used by Boris Johnson.

The parallels do not stop there.

The way he’s gone about “clarifying” this has, as with Johnson, only grown the scandal instead of putting it to bed. It is a classic miscalculation. If Boyd thought that this was the end of the matter, he was very, very wrong.

Last night, the media were briefed that Celtic are furious about this and are entirely unconvinced by what he put in the paper yesterday.

This does not surprise me one bit, as I said in the Johnson piece last night. Those running Celtic know when we’re being fed a line, they know when we are being taken for mugs. The fans are just as tuned in and recognise what this is.

So the idea that Celtic will accept that and let the matter close is for the birds.

Had Boyd shown the slightest contrition, even of the false kind, even if we knew that his grovelling was insincere but the act of it punished him with humiliation, I think Celtic would have been content to drop the matter and move forward.

That Boyd opted instead for sarcasm and insulting our intelligence is, I think, certain only to have made the club more determined to push this.

And into the mix today comes the first journalistic condemnation, from Davie Provan no less.

It is most welcome.

Although he doesn’t name Boyd, he makes it clear that no journalist would ever condone violence against a player.

Of course they wouldn’t.

Provan must not be the only person in their profession who does this.

If you’re interested in seeing how the media covered Boyd’s interview before Celtic made their statement last night you need only check Newsnow or the other aggregator sites.

They had the story because they used chunks of his article to fill out their own pieces and drive traffic to their sites.

They knew Celtic fans were furious because many of the blogs had covered this subject in detail.

So it wasn’t as if Celtic’s statement was the first they heard of it.

Yet every single mainstream publication chose to ignore what Boyd had written, and only covered his words after Celtic made their displeasure clear.

It should not have taken Celtic to do that before the rest of the press highlighted, and condemned, those shocking remarks.

This guy stinks out their profession, and I’ve been writing that for long enough.

Now he is a millstone around its neck.

They need to defend their own reputations from guilt by association with this lout.

If they didn’t realise that what he had written was beyond the pale, then they are too stupid to hold jobs in the media.

If they did know – and of course they did – then they are just as bad as the cowardly Tory MP’s who have yet to submit their No Confidence letters, knowing as they do that Johnson has to go.

If any of them try to defend Boyd, they will be just as shamed as those cabinet secretaries who have been wearily trudging through the TV studios these last few weeks shredding the remnants of their own dignity as they parrot the lame and frankly ridiculous excuses of Downing Street’s serial liar.

Every one of them will be just as tainted as he is.

Celtic will not allow any dead-cat strategy to distract us here.

The blogs will not allow any further pitiful “clarification” to hide the pure and simple facts of this.

Boyd’s words do not require translation or unravelling or second guessing or reinterpretation because they are quite clear and they don’t get less shocking the more you read them.

That man lamented that nobody in the Ibrox team had tried to seriously injure Callum McGregor.

That’s what he did, and he did it in a national newspaper.

If he were still playing the game the SFA would have hauled him over the coals for bringing the sport into disrepute and suspended him from football for a spell. Nobody would have defended him.

When does the media accept that it has responsibilities?

When does it accept that there are things that it is simply not permitted to do?

If a blogger had written something as inflammatory as that, I would, as a member of this community, have been appalled and called it out in the strongest terms because there is a line and that crosses it.

I wouldn’t have been alone in doing so.

Yet the mainstream press still looks down its collective nose at this community and others like it as the preserve of the fanatic and the raving loon. Most days I’m perfectly happy to just carry on working and not even debate that wholly idiotic view.

But today the fanatic wears their robes, not ours.

Today the raving loon is in their ranks, not mine.

If they want to wrap a protective blanket around him either by making excuses or by their silence, then they make his disgrace their disgrace.

This one is not going away.

This one has plenty of road left to run.

Boyd appears on Sky tomorrow; before he does, this matter needs to be properly dealt with. Those who are slated to appear on the panel with him better decide quickly what their own reputations are worth.

Because Sky can’t ignore this and neither can they.

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  • Roonsa says:

    Congrats to the Celtic bloggers and fans who initiated the backlash. Great work and great writing, James.

    You also called out Fergusons “ankle biting” comment. I wonder why Celtic didn’t react to that in the same way as they have to Boyd’s verbal diahorroae. Perhaps this is an opportunity for Celtic to correct that misfire.

  • vincent mcsherry says:

    Well said James but i wont be holding my breath for an apology.

  • John A says:

    I don’t have your faith in Bankier and Co to actually follow through on this.

  • Tim Buffy says:

    Out of interest. Is Boyd a member of the NUJ given that he has a regular newspaper column?

  • Gerry Graham says:

    Brilliant piece Once again James..The distain this clown has had for Celtic has been there for years..He absolutely hates our club and it’s been evident with his comments in the past..He can make his pathetic apology all he wants but he’s screwed..The damage is done..Do not expect any other journalist to comment on this because they’re all cut from the same cloth..This parasite is an absolute disgrace to journalists..He’s nothing more than a bigot with a Laptop..?

  • John S says:

    How would journalists feel if football fans were incited to ‘get in their faces’ ?

  • Christina says:

    Excellent piece again James! Like the others here I’m of a mind that after the Alloa disgrace that this is the straw that broke the camel’s back and Celtic knew they had to act. Bad enough that the ned’s ned Ferguson quite happily admitted he sent his players out to rough Celtic up (aye and the rest…) Now we have an absolute cretin saying that it was a failing on the part of the *rangers* players not to exacerbate the injury our captain received during that horrific encounter by attempting to assault Calum around the area of his serious facial injury. There is no ambiguity here, there is no playing this down – that is exactly what he said. I would not be surprised at all if it wasn’t Ange himself who said right enough now – not only are players getting sent out to injure ours by ‘meaty tackles’ and then make light of it in the media afterwards with no worry of consequences. The idiot Boyd obviously thought he would go one better ie lower and decry the fact that our captain wasn’t assaulted on the field of play. Celtic have to go all the road with this to shut this shit up but also to start getting some protection for our players from referees. Will be interesting to see what Sky do here – this could be the game changer if they take action.

  • scouse bhoy says:

    the ned in the suit is on sky this afternoon. i have said before it is the people who give the likes of him a platform that are the problem.

  • Frankie pearson says:

    James nobody cares what’s happening with Boris.Boyd meant what he said and he cannot backtrack this guy should not be allowed in our stadium again and sky should be made aware of this,and also the rag he comments for should also be taken to task about this.

    • Treble-T says:

      What is more interesting is the culture in which Boyd and his ilk, feel so very safe and comfortable saying things like this and know that he would get no backlash. As mentioned above it’s SkyScotland and the mainstream media that are the root problem.

    • 18871888 says:

      When you say nobody cares, what you mean is that you don’t. Lots of us actually do. F more people like you did, it wouldn’t happen in the first place; and that applies to football as well.

      • Jake Hansen says:

        Exactly! Apathy is the cowards acceptance.

        • Larsson 7 says:

          I have with some of my friends, also,EMailed Sky regarding “Boydy”
          This latest rambling,was like an accident waiting to happen.that guy unfortunately,lost his brother and at the time i felt for him.
          You would think humility would be there..
          But he’s the kind of guy who should stop and think before he opens his gub
          There lies the problem,quite sad isn’t it.

  • John S says:

    The larger issue is that decent folks are supposed to call out bigotry and prejudice.

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