Celtic Win Again In “Controversial Circumstances.” Surely An Inquest Is Needed?

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Somewhere, Scottish Protestants Against Sensible People are surely preparing a protest march.

Celtic’s Women knock the Ibrox Women out of the Scottish Cup with a “controversial” goal and if you read BBC Sport’s website two separate penalty decisions went our way – one in our favour and one against us – and Craig Levein thinks we only deserved “half a goal” for the penalty as both it and the follow up were “terrible.”

This is clearly the stuff of which national inquests are made.

How can one team benefit from so many dodgy decisions? How can this happen in a clean game?

Let’s ask a better question, because we already know that it’s happened before, that one team has consistently benefited from dodgy decisions, over and over again, going back years.

That’s not the real issue. The issue is, how many of these are dodgy?

The women’s game goal for example. Was it a foul? No, their defence was just as weak as piss and Celtic’s attackers were more ruthless. Was the penalty Raith claimed for a penalty? No, the referee understands the handball rule much better than the pundits do; listening to them I wonder if they understand it at all. They were ridiculous today.

As to the penalty Celtic got, the BBC says it too was “controversial” but that’s amongst the daftest assertions in this whole line of pitiful wailing. That was a stonewaller. One of the easiest refereeing decisions you will ever see.

And he still booked the wrong player for it.

As for Craig Levein, the less said the better.

He might have been joking – let’s assume that this is a poor attempt at humour – but it also has the whiff of bitterness about it.

The man is a joke. That he still got a gig at the BBC should shame all the former managers who can’t.

Because if this is the standard, how far are they from it?

Celtic looked laboured for part of that game today, but transformed the minute the left hand side was jazzed up with the introduction of Jota. I don’t want to be hard on Mikey Johnston but surely that’s it for him?

How many more opportunities does the guy want? That was an awful display from him and I shook my head in weary resignation when he seemed to get injured. Again.

We’re never going to call him Iron Mike, are we?

Of the goals, the highlight was the first, a smashing effort from young Scales. He’ll do for me. He looks like a good player whenever he’s in the side and he’s added goals to his game too, and that must please the manager no end.

I also enjoyed the second a lot. A brilliant pass from Hatate, a wonderful, artistic cross from Jota and Giakoumakis with the easiest finish he’ll ever get. It was a reminder that even on a flat, dull day we are still capable of magic. I

t was in short supply today but that was a flash of it, and one that was very welcome in an otherwise flat afternoon.

This team rolls forward. Another win in another competition, and another stage with the word “final” in it. We are well on the road back to Hampden and if we get there then – whisper it – the treble is within reach.

The fifth one in six years.

So much for the house of cards, right?

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  • Martin says:

    MJ has surely played his last game? He’s a skillful enough lad but he offers absolutely nothing. Even a loan spell is better for him and us than paying him to warm the bench or physio table.

    The CCV “handball” was such a non event that when I saw a 2nd replay I couldn’t understand why. By the 8th time they came back to it I was weary. Scraping the barrel if that’s what they’ll moan about this week. Can’t wait to see what we get “unfairly” next game.

  • jrm63 says:

    That was a penalty for Raith. The fact that it was CCV under no pressure, and the most reliable player this season, summed the game up. Awful to watch. Glad that Gia. got a goal before being substituted was one of the few good moments. A terrible non-pass from Rogic and a ridiculous offside decision cost him 2 easy run-ins on goal. Glad to see Jullien back. Two lousy performances and 7 goals scored. Maybe I am being over-critical

  • Dora says:

    Not a game any1 was lookin fwd 2 so it was good to see the likes of Scales getting a run and a cracking goal btw and I’ll echo other Celts comments, gia’s goal a gr8 confidence boost for the fella—-great finish so all in all , The Mighty Glasgow Celtic march onwards and upwards…another treble!!?

  • Frank Kelly says:

    James, I listened to the game too; but evidently on a different BBC.
    Celtic’s penalty award was accepted as fair by the commentator and pundits. Richard Gordon rubber stamped it after the match.
    Craig Levein’s “half a goal” comment was quite funny in context. I chuckled.
    I was drinking G&T. Were you on the bitter?
    Good result BTW.

  • Bigmick says:

    Mikey Johnson tries his heart out,but he needs a couple of miracles to save his Celtic career now. Wee Jamsie is on a shoogly peg as well i fear…as a goal scoring threat and general menace,he’s just so far below the required levels from Ange.
    I think quite a few regulars will have been torn a new one after that first half.

  • Dex says:

    Same for me.I’m sorry Mickey got injured but for me I can’t understand why people say they see a player in there bcoz I don’t.His dribbling ususally ends up with possession concede,his crossing is woeful and his shooting terrible.Sorry if it sounds harsh it’s just my opinion.Never heard Ange shout like that before,he must have been raging.But alls well that ends well.Great to see Jullien get some game time,good to see GG and Mazda get goals and Britton shouldn’t take another penalty.HH

  • Dex says:

    Maeda auto correct

  • 18871888 says:

    Thought we were a storm for 25 mins, then Raith took over.

  • Michael McCartney says:

    Harsh on Johnston, A player who showed great promise as a youngster, unfortunately he hasn’t kicked on. Some of that is down to injuries and some is down to not learning when to part with the ball at the right time. I’ve got no doubt numerous coaches have tried with him but he can’t seem to get his head up when it matters. The only time I’ve seen him doing it to great effect was the goal he laid on for Ewan Henderson against Betis.

    James Forrest is a player I’ve always liked and his contribution to Celtic success over the years has been underestimated. What I will say is he has a big fight on his hands to remain part of Big Ange’s team. Todays victory was workmanlike but this game coming in between so many key games was always going to be a bit flat.

    Once again we get a penalty when the game is more or less won. I would bet that if the score was 1-1 it wouldn’t have been awarded. That opinion is based on evidence over a period of 70 years following The Celtic.

  • Garry Cowan says:

    Imagine the melt down if Celtic win a treble this season so many years will be shed by the media

  • NICK66 says:

    Never heard the BBC comentary so can’t judge. On Premiere Sports, penalty for us initially doubtful but after replay was accepted as correct. We have good depth in the squad, however, to me too many changes upset our ability to hit hard and fast. In the end a win is a win and we won well, but, and it’s abig but, we gave them a glimmer of hope at one stage at 1-0. Jota game changer and looked a lot better when subs made. Nice win.

  • Tony B says:

    Mikey needs to move on for his own sake and I wish him well.

    As for Jamesy, his bottle has gone and I don’t know what would be best for him.

    Ralston is honest and industrious but not Celtic class.

    Scales needs work but has great potential.

    The rest will take our club forward for many years to come, and Ange is a DUDE.

    But please sign Jota NOW!

  • Jimmy says:

    Glad Ange was so vocal. We were poor. Any timeline on Kyogo return. He will give us the momentum to kick on with his goals. Maybe need to enlighten me about the rules, to me clear handball against CCV.

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