Celtic’s European Squad Registration Has Finally Put To Bed The Kyogo Injury Lie.

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Today, Ange Postecoglou named the Celtic squad which will see us through our first ever spell in the Europa Conference League, and there was a familiar name in that team; Kyogo Furuhashi.

That is probably significant. The manager is putting a rumour to bed.

And it’s a rumour that needs to be, because it has been haunting our steps for a while now, the rumour that Kyogo has a much more serious injury than Celtic is letting on, a rumour which the manager has been angry about.

If ever a story needed putting down a hole and buried it was this one, and in naming Kyogo for the squad that should end it.

The manager spoke yesterday about how he hopes to have some of the injured players back “in two or three weeks” and so automatically, everyone expects that to be Kyogo and Turnbull. I would think so too, as they really are our only long term injury concerns. The only other player we have out right now is Ideguchi.

Still, the one we all want to see is Kyogo, of course, and that’s why fans are scrutinising every bit of news that comes out of Celtic Park in relation to him.

The news vacuum has allowed the rumour factory to churn out its stories, and encouraged the press to write the worst kind of speculation, including some journalists even suggesting that our manager was a liar.

And this was going to last until he was back in training.

Now the manager has sent a clear signal on the matter; his inclusion in the European squad can be contrasted with the situation across the city where they have removed Helander from theirs, sparking new rumours about his own return to the squad.

The manager has repeatedly said that this is not as serious an injury as the stories have suggested. He has even had to remind the media that he does not lie to them … which is ridiculous as the man has said and done nothing to give them license to think so.

Everything he has said refutes the idea that Kyogo will miss the rest of the campaign.

Now we have the clearest sign that we can get as to this, as if we needed it.

I for one believed the man in the first place.

He doesn’t mislead people, and especially not the fans.

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  • Kyogos Dream Team says:

    Ange gives NUTHING away m8! We keep winning & it’s all good m8! We DONT pay attention tae the FILTH m8 especially when their mini team leaves oot haf a team m8! I think wee Sean will have the Hibeez PUMPED UP WED M8! Porteous tae CRIPPLE EL FAT CUNTIO M8 LOL!!

  • Damian says:

    The manager’s press conference today definitely suggested that Kyogo and Turnbull aren’t terribly close to returning.

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