Celtic’s Loaned Out Player Helped Our Cause This Weekend. We Should Do More Of This.

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During the January window, this site suggested that we send as many of our players out on loan to fellow SPLF clubs as possible.

They can’t play against us because of the conditions of the deal, but they can play against our so-called title rivals … and if they are determined to be successful here what better way to make that case than against Ibrox?

Liam Shaw did that at the weekend.

He was excellent for Motherwell, and played a role in the comeback. He came off the bench, but his performance was so good that he’ll be starting for them soon. He played a role in the “controversial” – haha – equaliser.

We did too little of this. Adam Montgomery is at Aberdeen and Ewan Henderson is at Hibs, but we should have found places for others too, and thus strengthened every other club in the league at Ibrox’s expense.

This is just sensible strategy.

We can keep a better eye on our players when they are in Scotland.

We can monitor their displays much more readily than we can if they are playing somewhere else in Europe.

If they are playing in the SPFL they get a feel for the opposition they would have to play against every week if they were still at Celtic Park. Obvious advantages.

But of course the best advantage is that they strengthen any team who Ibrox comes up against, and it does not cost us a thing.

It frustrates our rivals majorly. Their websites are furious about it although they know there’s nothing they can do about it, and they have similarly tried to use the system against us.

Shaw’s contribution was decisive at the weekend. There will be more opportunities for our own loan stars to make an impact before this season ends. How Ibrox must be cursing that.

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  • Scud Missile says:

    I’m quite surprised they have not called in some favours from the SFA to put a stop on our players onloan to other SPFL teams playing against them.

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