Clyde’s Braindead Pundit Embarrasses Himself With Celtic “Disco Lights” Dig.

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Shouldn’t Alex Rae still be hiding under the bed?

It seems ridiculous to me that this guy whose best career move would have been haunting houses should be up and about already after the ritual humiliation his team was subjected to at Celtic Park a few weeks ago. A couple of good results has all the Ibrox cheerleaders crawling out of the woodwork again. They never stay quiet for long.

Boyd was at it, Rae was at it and I suspect a number of others were too.

Having to respond to them all the time is so tiresome I’ve waited two days to answer this one because I simply had better things to do. Rae is not worth devoting real time to anymore … this is a coffee break article at the end of a long day.

You’ll notice that I never need to write these about Jackson, English or even Keevins. These people might talk the worst sort of tripe at times but they are professionals who don’t spend their time trolling people and looking like goons.

Rae’s is particularly unbelievable and on this occasion he shows a chronic lack of self-awareness.

To slag Celtic with a jibe about the disco lights only serves to remind people first of how small minded and stupid this joker is as well as making us all want to watch the savage beating that was administered to his own team under them?

This is what amuses me terribly about their current bouncy confidence, and in particular after midweek. If they are world beaters, as they think to think, and we are a dismal team which is on the verge of collapse, how come they wilted under the disco lights and took such a doing off us? No-one who watched it thought it was even close.

Rae and his cohort should be careful what they wish for. They clearly think that their club is ready to face us all over again; I think they would be mad to believe it. We will learn from the midweek defeat and move forward … and I suspect we’ll make these fools laugh on the other side of their faces by the time this season ends.

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  • Sophie Johnstone says:

    You would think was end if the world on thursday,some of our support guilty of this too,we lost a game of football we will regroup and go again

    • Mickybhoy says:

      HAIL HAIL, Onwards & upwards to the title

    • Dora says:

      Couldn’t agree more Sophie, Celtic lost and were never at the races but, could be a blessing with top notch fella’s returning to the fold after injuries.
      Celtic win tomorrow and all remains good so losing a game in the new, 3rd tiered European experiment is no big deal…not the right starting 11 so what’s done is done!

  • Dora says:

    Feel like I’m repeating myself, again!
    Can’t believe that rae fella gets any gigs anywhere!
    One look at that Fkwit and you pretty much know the score….2 brain cells and one is stuck in his underpanties!
    He’s a rotten little Prk..

  • Frankie pearson says:

    100% right Sophie wee beaver puss is complete clown his lot couldn’t afford disco lights.

  • Lordmac says:

    Can we not play in. The diamond formation once again better than. The play we. Do just. Now my god is Heart getting. Instructions about fucking about at the back the balls from all defender’s and keeper should be hitting the ball up the park. And there should be 7 players waiting for it to drop in the same trainedd area of the park

    • Tony B says:

      Sorry mate. I haven’t got a fucking clue what you’re on about.

      Could you maybe try talking English?

  • Guchi Boy says:

    Rat Faced Hun Bastard, mare tae be pitied lol! Sad thing about this Wankstain is he wiz there fur 5 mins but the Deluded CLOWN thinks he’s a Club Legend BAWAHAHAHAHAHA!!

  • john clarke says:

    Sir Lord Mac, I split my sides reading your blog. The Bodo Glimt keeper had one of the longest punts but I don’t think his team was advantaged. You must be the elusive Laird of a big Caledonian family estate. My nephew Jock always wanted to be a gamekeeper, so he could meet Lady Chatterley. Looks like you enjoy the wonderful highland whisky. Cheers. UP THE HOOPS!

  • BigD says:

    You have to remember that to the vast majority of Sevco fans, this guy is mastermind material.

  • john clarke says:

    Strobe disco lights can cause a rare epileptic disorder of mild disorientation and slight feelings of paralysis. Flashing disco lights through the green smoke could be worse. You do have big numbers in the stadium. I hope the disco lights did not adversely affect any of the Blue Bag players.

  • Garry Cowan says:

    He will be back into hiding after today ??

  • Bhoy4life says:

    Yeah we’ve got disco lights, but at least we don’t need a share issue to pay the leccy bill to switch them on.
    Sevco are close to lighting candles, but then he would probably say thats to make the fans and players feel more intimate.
    Mare brains in a butchers pinny.

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