Did The Media Lie Yesterday About Celtic’s Reaction To The Ibrox Game?

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Yesterday, the press was late to catch up with the news that most of the blogs were well aware of in advance; that the club had decided to take action and close a part of the standing section for the coming Scottish Cup tie against Raith Rovers.

Debate has been fierce on the subject, with many taking the side of the club – the only side that can be taken if you ask me, because they are simply obeying the law and have made their position on this clear often and loudly – and others taking the side of the Green Brigade.

It’s a typical stand-off in part between those who think the club can do no right and those of a more pragmatic bent.

On this one, I’m with Celtic as I’ve made plain.

But once the media caught up, The Daily Record added an additional caveat; that the club was taking the action in part because of an “offensive banner”. And I was a bit puzzled by that assertion, and somewhat concerned because the club would have lost my own support at that point if they were using the safety issue to make a point of policy on that.

The banner in question – the Send Them Back To Hell Bhoys – was criticised for the use of the word “hun” in it.

I’m bored stiff with this debate, because it’s ridiculous.

The suggestion that the word is sectarian is manifestly false, the invention of snowflake Ibrox fans who want to paint the Celtic support as being full of people as twisted as theirs is.

The word does not denote Protestants. That banner was not a reference to “Rangers fans” as some have ludicrously suggested.

The Send Them Back To Hell reference is a clear zombie reference; a statement on the dead club and the NewCo’s hilariously naff efforts to pretend that they are turning 150 this year. I would be appalled if our club was calling our supporters out on the basis of that banner, and I would have had a few things to say about any statement to that effect.

The Permanently Offended Of Ibrox are the last people who should be trying to climb onto a soapbox with their disgusting history of racism and bigotry, and our club should not be providing one for them by criticising our own fans.

Like I say, I was pretty angry at the suggestion that they had … but I looked for the statement to that effect, even if it was a couple of lines in a mainstream piece from a club “spokesperson”.

I even asked for help with this on Twitter and on Facebook.

And you know what I found? Not one word which confirms this.

Not one word.

As far as I’m aware our club has done no such thing. If I’m wrong, someone point out to me where the statement is.

Otherwise I have to conclude that the Record simply made that up.

In the absence of further information, I have no option but to say so.

Like I said, I would have been surprised – very surprised – if the club had issued any kind of public rebuke to the fans over banners from that night and I don’t see any evidence that they did so.

I think we could all take a stab at guessing why The Record might have wanted to suggest that they had.

It doesn’t take a genius to work that one out.

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  • Frankie pearson says:

    The club are doing the right thing,what happens if someone gets seriously injured through these flares.Then the Celtic legal team could have a massive fight for compensation through not applying proper safety.

  • Roonsa says:

    If you were to draw a Venn Diagram with two circles, one for huns and one for Sevco fans (I never use the R word, it sickens me) – there will be a fairly large intersection. However, not all Sevconians are huns and not all huns are Sevconians. I have friends who support that lot. They’re not huns, just good lads who follow the wrong team. It’s a free country, that is their choice.

    We all know what a hun is. Nothing to with religion and everything to do with a mentality. Servile and deferential to the point of being obsequious on one hand, elitist and superior on the other. The perfect mixture to be a snivelling cunt.

    I hate huns. I fucking hate them. And anyone who is offeneded by that can fuck off. And in any case, those bastards invented the word. Remember, they would call Catholics huns because of the perceived link between the Nazis and the Irish during WW2. Now that is bigoted. Hating people becuase they are cunts is not. See hating Nazis as an example.

    • Seppington says:

      It’s funny though, every “hun” I have ever known has been a Rangers(IL)/Sevco fan. Through my life about 50% of my closest friends have been protestant but not followers of the filth. Every single so-called “reasonable bear” has outed themselves as being every bit the roaster the rest are. I look at it this way; if you learn about their history, the actions of those associated with that club and understand what their songs mean yet you still think they are worthy of your support….then quite simply you are a hun, and you are not a good person. Same goes for those who vote Tory and those who think Trump was a suitable person to give control of a nuclear arsenal to. Wallopers.

      • Stephen McAdam says:

        Couldn’t said it better myself I always said surely when you get to a certain age no matter your background you surely cant be a decent human being if you buy into that posion, no other word for them, like you have many friends of said background but not one a ” hun” and said friends even called them ” huns” ! The reason the media trying and find something anything even on our Great club and fans is to allow them to feel comfortable with their vile hate! Not a chance ! We a different species for that hate filled poison and everyone knows it! Dangerous perma raging people that almost get a pass in ” brigaddon” Scotland as they have plenty of ” enablers ” in the police and governent for their sick behaviour! Plenty people get attacked and assaulted by that scum for daring to even wear green! They think that’s fair game! I know forgieners to this country that had to deal with that filth! So save us the ” all as bad a each other ” pish! A hun for me is a dispicical creature and shows it everywhere it goes! Scotland’s utter shame for allowing that and fostering it almost

  • Dora says:

    Too right, can’t see anyone getting the upper hand on Celtic….even Livingston away seems like an attractive proposition right now the way Celtic are playing.
    Scary thing for the others is Celtic seem to be getting stronger by the game so I’d say all huns and that Shart in hand bunch have soiled their pantyloons knowing what’s coming!

  • GourockTim says:

    Can’t imagine who attended that game last week and was ” offended”.
    One of the best atmospheres I can recall at Celtic park ever – and I’ve been going there for 60 years.
    Guttersnipe and typical Record shit stirring. Club, in my view, right to take action but only because of the smoke dangers and fireworks popping which could have harmed fellow Tims

  • Bob (original) says:

    Yes, I noticed that ‘creative reporting’ too.

    Burning flares: bad.

    “Offensive banners” [according to the Daily Record]: good.

    In fact, there should be an “offensive” sevco-themed banner at all our home games! 🙂

    …and just to keep reminding what the SMSM actually reported in print in 2012. 🙂

  • owen dolan says:

    Maybe they should look inhouse as the word hun was introduced by the old Glasgow Rangers (who died) when they played Bayern Munich in a European tie at ibrox and the rangers fans chanted “go home ya HUNS go home”.

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