Ibrox’s “Official Media Partner” Heaps Disgrace On Top Of Disgrace Tonight.

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The mentality of Ibrox’s fan media has never been more clearly expressed than it has been tonight, with a truly repellent tweet from one of their “official club media partners” this evening.

What that means is that these are the Peepul who the club allows to attend its press conferences.

They might have charged them a remarkable sum of money for the “privilege” but these people carry the official seal of the club’s approval, and tonight they have trawled the gutter.

For starters, speaking up in favour of Kris Boyd after what he’s done today is as good a case of putting yourself on the wrong side of a debate as you’ll see outside of those Tory MP’s who think standing in the line of fire to protect Johnson is the smart political move.

There are some things that are just so wrong that defending them in any way taints you with their stink and that is exactly what they have done tonight.

There can be little doubt that Ibrox’s hierarchy approves of this kind of behaviour; if they didn’t they would pull the credentials for the people on that site, as they should have when the scandalous statements from some of their founders were published in a national newspaper last year.

They would be considered a toxic embarrassment at any other club and barely allowed in the support far less credentialed for the press room, and that tweet dredges the basement in a manner that it is impossible to imagine any site on Celtic’s network ever doing.

Celtic’s statement was aimed at a pundit who suggested that their players target our captain for a serious injury; that’s a sentiment which should be condemned from every part of the blogosphere, right across football and professional sport.

The casual dismissal of that statement is damning enough.

The allusion to other issues, with which their support has a dangerous and unhealthy obsession, is quite another, and although Celtic won’t comment on this publicly they should be having a word, in private, with those in the Ibrox boardroom to express their disgust.

Ibrox’s “official media partner” has demonstrated quite clearly tonight in which particular gutter it dwells.

If they had shame at all they would delete that and move on.

But then, if they had any shame at all they would never have posted it in the first place.

Frankly they are a disgrace to the club they represent and if it’s content to continue being toxified by these sort of views then that club will never shake off the stench that surrounds it, that of bigotry, sectarianism and hatred.

It really is an appalling state of affairs, but one they seem content to accept.

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  • Bigmick says:

    As i commented yesterday, football, never mind sportsmanship, is almost inconsequential to that rancid institution.
    Hatred is what drives their very existence.
    They are a plague on society.

    • Scouse bhoy says:

      The supoort and the management are a disgrace. Callum mcgregor also plays for scotland so what will the sfa say about this ?.

    • Brian says:

      Never mind our investigations I’m sick hearing how Mike Ashley wind case after case against them yet the judge still will not come out and tell them how much they must pay and above all get it paid. Then there’s the cinch deal, oh you know what I shall leave it at that! I don’t have all night.

  • Frankie Pearson says:

    Everything to do with them is corrupt lies upon lies the quicker they shut down the better.

  • Johnny mcglinchey says:

    Tell them to check kincora kids home in ireland, ian paisley knew what was going on. HH

    • Tony B says:

      As did the Ibrox hierarchy know about Gordon Neely and Harry Dunn, who both abused children under the aegis of ” rangers”. I don’t know the timeline but this may also apply to Sir Walter of EBT cheating. He would certainly have known about Richard Gough’s propensity for young boys since it was common knowledge at Dundee United.

  • Dora says:

    Sevco are hurting badly, I still chuckle at the sevco away support at Aberdeen chanting something about champions again just b4 the pen that Ferguson smashed in…
    Now it feels like sevco will do well to finish 2nd so the anger from W angers footy klub, and media partners are there for all to see with the predictable bile..!!
    Wangers—what a klub, so popular I swear!

    • Eugenio Savelli says:

      Body should be banned from Celtic park Asap and if the Celtic board have any balls that should be from this moment end of.

  • Derek Duncan says:

    Predictable filth from the Sevco scum.

  • Billy mc Kernan says:

    Every sane person should know by now how vile that CLUB is fom top to bottom.It was bad enough before they went under but since the newco were founded the bitterness and hate has been allowed to grow and sometimes even encouraged by those involved in running them.Also the blind eyes by a lot in the media claiming A SMALL MINORITY. My arse.

  • Michael McCartney says:

    And still we use Park’s Bus Company, surely the board should ask him if this the depth his club is willing to sink to by allowing these low life characters into the club media conferences. I suppose when you’re desperate for the £25000 access payment standards go out the window.

    The silence from the SPFL and the Football media in Scotland is disgraceful. The SPFL signed a contract with SKY surely the should be questioning them about the views of the characters they employ. If the SFA don’t say anything about this vocal encouragement to injure a Scottish International player then they should be ashamed. Celtic must take this further.

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