Idiot Hack Thinks Celtic Should Have Won A European Trophy This Season. Or Three.

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According to one bitter, wizened old hack this morning – I refuse to mention him by name – Scotland doesn’t have a title race but a battle over bragging rights.

Apparently now the SPFL title doesn’t mean anything. Has he been sniffing his own armpits again? Or is this poisonous cretin simply looking to devalue Scottish football because we’re at the summit?

This is my favourite line of a nasty, spiteful little piece; “Celtic will now be ridiculed, deservedly, for having gone out of three European competitions in one season..”

That statement sums up the toxic level of malice that runs through his bloodstream.

Because of course unless we were going to win the Champions League we were going to be knocked out at one point. Which gave us a parachute into the Europa League.

Which unless we were going to win it we were going to be knocked out of at some point.

We did secure a place in the Europa Conference League.

If we had been knocked out of the Europa League and didn’t fall into that tournament we’d only have been knocked out of Europe twice.

Is that the option which would have brought least shame?

No, because that would have been a bigger concern.

Once in it, we had two possible routes; to win the tournament or be knocked out.

This idiot seems to think that our season would only have been a success if we won a European trophy.

Or maybe three of them, based on his loony logic.

He also thinks we lack strength in depth, and he’s picked a couple of targets, one easy and the other who you’d have chosen only if you had never watched Celtic this season.

He targeted Starfelt – of course. I’ve lost count of the arguments I’ve had with people over this guy, they’ve made their minds up and they aren’t going to let good performances or facts get in the way of that.

They know more about football than Ange does it seems.

So I’m not even getting into that one.

Not in the least. And it’s not because I don’t support the player; I do, as regular readers know well.

I think Starfelt has started to settle in and find his groove. I think he’ll be a very good centre back as time goes on.

But any hack who wants to single out Nir Bitton as a weak link in this squad has spent too much time dribbling over Ibrox and not enough time watching our games this season, if he’s deigned to watch us at all. Bitton is one of the unsung heroes of the season, a steady and calm influence who is back to doing what he does best in the middle of the park.

I am bored with this nasty little man, which is why he doesn’t get his name in this piece.

He won’t get his name in another that I write.

Let him rage against all things Celtic. Let him spit venom at us every chance he gets, and I’ll respond whenever he does.

But he will no longer get even one scintilla of free publicity on this site.

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  • Scud Missile says:

    Lol auld Shug the dug with a snib that’s been snapped in about 5 different places hence the snottery beak breathing having a go at our club because of previous differences.
    Him and his sidekick at Radio Snyde wee Quark from Deep Space 9 aka Alex Rae ( whose Reading team) got a right good scuding from Blackpool yesterday just can’t help themselves with the bitterness dripping out of them.

    • Finbar muldoon says:

      He never got over getting his arse handed to him at London Rd Supporters club. HH

    • Charlie Kelly says:

      Why give Keevins the time of day He was a prick when growing up in partick,and hasn’t changed any
      Arrogant self opinionated clown who really thinks he better than anybody else
      Stop giving him space except in the ground

  • vincent mcsherry says:

    if and when they go out of Europa it will be the 3rd tournament this season!! just saying

  • Scud Missile says:

    Auld daft arse and the other two bob so called journalists had been spewing it out all season when sevco had been top of the league that league winners go straight into the champions league group stages.
    As soon Celtic went top of the league they all started the lies again about the Scottish champions not going straight in.
    No doubt should sevco go top ever again the mantra will be back on about automatic qualification.

  • Bob (original) says:

    Not one of the SMSM ‘journalists’ were truthful in 2012, or since.

    They are becoming increasingly irrelevant as their newspaper circulation numbers shrink to nothing.
    A few shock-tactic comments in their death throes won’t stop their demise.

    3 points for us today and Thursday will be in the distant past.

    • Garry Cowan says:

      I’d wager a massive percentage of young people have never bought a newspaper and likely never will hopefully that will see a good few of those idiots go find a more productive job

  • Garry Cowan says:

    Even writing this gives idiots like him the oxygen they need to survive if we all genuinely completely ignored them they would atrophy and would no longer have the platform to spout nonsense that’s purely driven by a narrative that’s not so well camouflaged

  • harold shand says:

    Goes missing for a week when go 3 clear , then reappears when we get beat

    Standard stuff from this guy

  • Guchi Boy says:

    Auld Spew who canny even work a Fukin Smartphone coz hes as Thik as SHIT!! We were NEVER ARSED about the Conference League bcoz it gets u intae Fuk Aw! Sadly yes we have been PISH in Europe but it is ALL ABOUT THE LEAGUE! We CANNOT allow the FILTH tae get the £40M, keep the BASTARDS DOON!!

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