If Callum Plays Tonight, That’s Further Proof That He’s A Great Celtic Leader.

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It seems, by now, somewhat daft to be debating the status of Callum McGregor at Celtic.

His value to this team is surely obvious.

Yet the debate continues to rage in certain places about whether he is the right type of character to be considered a leader at a club like this one.

A lot of it is unfair comparisons with Scott Brown.

Callum doesn’t care one way or another, of course, but I think he’s determined to answer all those critics and I have no doubt that he will.

If he plays tonight, fresh from an injury which was predicted to keep him out for months, then it will offer further proofs, as if they were still required, that he has the credentials.

This man will be putting himself in harm’s way for the cause.

There is a part of me which hopes Ange doesn’t play him, because it’s a lot to ask of any footballer.

But Callum wants this, he wants to walk out there with the team, and the team will get a massive lift from seeing that kind of drive and commitment to the club.

So will the fans in the stands. Parkhead will be buzzing come what may, of course, but his presence will be massive for us all. It will raise the roof when his name is read out.

Tomorrow night is going to be special for him if he plays.

The stage is set for a storming performance from the whole team, but from our captain in particular.

At a time when there is nonsense talk about an overpaid Welshman, it would be fitting if he stepped up and ran the show on such a momentous evening.

He would show everyone what the standards are.

We know he’s capable of it.

We know he has previously excelled in matches of this magnitude.

This new-look Celtic uses him in the anchoring role, which obviously restricts his attacking game, but he puts in a power of work down there in the engine room.

We miss him when he isn’t there.

We have missed him in the last two games.

It will be great if he is playing tonight, not only for his skills but for that example, that commitment and yes that leadership.

Callum is one of the critical cogs in the machine.

What a night it would be to remind this whole country of just how good he is.

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