If Celtic’s Rivals Need Our Player’s Words As “Motivation” This Race Is Over Already.

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Aside from using a racial abuser to get their message across, the press coverage of big Giakoumakis’ comments from the weekend has bordered on the hysterical.

Over and over and over again the same dire and discredited prediction is being thrown about with abandon; Van Bronckhorst will love this. He will “pin it to the dressing room wall.” It will “motivate” his team. Look at the Evening Times headline;

“How Rangers can use Giorgos Giakoumakis’ Celtic title comments as fuel for Premiership crown fight.” The article quotes Brian Laudrup, who asks who will be angrier; Van Bronckhorst or Ange? Well I daresay it won’t be Ange, and if Van Bronckhorst lets something like this influence his emotions then he’s a weak man in a job too big for him.

I hope to God the media is right here.

Because this is a title race. There are three points in it.

They have not long visited Celtic Park where we took them apart.

These are footballers with some shred, you would think, of professional pride under a manager who is supposed to be some kind of super-talent who somehow sat on the dole for nearly a year. And they need our players to motivate them?

If that’s true then this title race is over already.

If they really need the confident remarks of a Celtic player to put a rocket up their backsides then they’re done, because our guys are motivated and up for it and ready to rumble, and the big lad’s words prove it.

If their guys don’t have sufficient motivation already then I suggest there are big problems at their club and with the way that they are coached.

Honest to God, this is truly desperate. It’s straw clutching of the most awful sort. It’s the latest in a list of awful predictions about how this might unravel for us. Just a few weeks ago it was “can Celtic take the pressure of being on top because that’s a different kind of pressure …” and since then we’ve extended our lead.

When a team has won the first domestic trophy, when it’s won 18 or the last 20 games in the league, when it has the most goals and the best defensive record, when it sits top of the league and when it recently beat its rivals comfortably in a match that could have been stopped at half time, then there really isn’t that much doubt who the best team in the country is at the moment, is there?

If it was the Ibrox team in that position Ross and Laudrup and Rae and Boyd and all the other jokers who are pissing their pants about this would be singing a different song; indeed, some of them said their club would win the title and haven’t changed their minds in spite of the evidence I listed above.

So really, I am glad we’re getting to them.

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  • Pan says:

    We have been handling the pressure of being on top for over a decade.
    It may have been a new pressure to them for a short while, but it is not new to us.
    There are so many sad racists and bigots in Scotland.

  • SSMPM says:

    If ex rangers players from the deid club are stating that current players from the young pretender club now have a reason to try because of Gio’s comments then that only really highlights their lack of professionalism in not trying in the first place.
    Of course we know they’ve been trying all along and contrary to media propaganda the evidence is right in front of our face – a 9 point turnaround – it shows it is they who are evidently not able to handle the pressure of being top of the league. HH

  • Guchi Boy says:

    You wdny even back them tae beat Murderwell on Sun efter we go 6 pts clear! By the time we’ve left their SHIT-HOLE the gap will be DOUBLE FIGURES!!

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