John Hartson Is The Target Of The Record’s Latest Stupid Hotline Headline.

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It’s been a wee while since I did a piece on the ridiculous Daily Record Hotline headlines, but today’s one has to be looked at because it’s obviously a reference to the article I put last night in relation to his blasting Ibrox for the ticket situation.

All Hartson did was tell the pure truth. He didn’t lie. He didn’t exaggerate.

He laid out the simple facts of the matter.

And of course, this has caused Sevconia to have one of its routine flake-outs.

Their forums ranted. Their fan-reps raved.

And The Record, which recorded Hartson’s interview, unleashed the dumb dogs of the Hotline, and they chose one of their laugh out loud headlines.

“Childish John Hartson has huge Rangers chip on his shoulders and is a poor man’s Chris Sutton” it screams, in one of the most blatant examples of lacking self-awareness I’ve ever seen.

Hartson, for telling the truth, is childish … according to someone who paid for a premium rate phone call in order to scream his own bile into an answering machine?

So what does his moron, and the paper, think Hartson has a “chip on his shoulder” about? Rejection by Rangers once upon a time? Please! If you’ve ever heard Big Bad John talk about it he has no regrets at all.

He arrived exactly where he was supposed to.

John Hartson is in the 100 Goals club. He has three league titles, two Scottish Cups and a League Cup. Had he played in Seville, he’d have a UEFA Cup winners medal, because we would have won that game.

He loves our club and thanks God he played for it.

So what’s the chip on the shoulder for?

Because they took a couple of trophies he would otherwise have won?

That’s football.

Does he hold a grudge against Real Zaragoza as well? They robbed him of what would have been his career crowning glory; he scored in the Cup Winners Cup final of 1995, only to see Arsenal lose in the last minute.

Honestly, these clowns can convince themselves of anything, no matter how bizarre.

And The Record laps it up like a dog eating sick of the pavement.

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  • Frankie pearson says:

    Big John a legend,

  • harold shand says:

    That hotline is just made up baloney , made up by whoever is ‘ taking the calls ‘

    9 times out of 10 the headline is a negative Celtic one

    Last week they had a Celtic fan phoning Juranovic has been terrible , ffs

    It’s whoever is ‘ taking the calls ‘ ( take your pick from the numerous huns who write for the rag ) having a pop and sh*t stirring

  • Neil Smith says:

    It’s sweet u believe people actually call and the paper reports them James when it’s blindingly obvious they simply make the pish up to suit the headlines or their narrative…

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    And the record lapped it up like a dog eating sick off the pavement…

    Recently I was on a rough ferry and a wee lassie sitting near me was very sick all over the floor and her mother chucked a daily record over the vomit to soak it up a bit- I couldn’t resist saying that all that rag was fit for was mopping up puke on ferry floors and that I actually felt sorry for the spew being in contact with such a poisonous publication (I obviously felt sorry for the teenage girl that was sick also)…

    A truly sick newspaper only fit for truly sick ‘people’ !

  • Pan says:

    The Daily Record is a rag which encourages the bigotry we see from Sevconia. It thrives on creating division and is no lover of truth. Without this bigotry, this rag would not survive. Self awareness is not a quality that they possess.

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