More Wishful Thinking From The Clickbait Merchants Predicting A “Shattered” Celtic.

Image for More Wishful Thinking From The Clickbait Merchants Predicting A “Shattered” Celtic.

Another day and more wishful thinking from the clickbait merchants who hover around Scottish football like flies and who take a particular pleasure in writing outright guff about Celtic.

The notoriously awful website Football Insider has Noel Whelan (remember him?

If you have to Google him I’m not surprised) talking the worst kind of crap.

Apparently the result has “smashed the confidence” out of us.

And it will be “damaging for the rest of the season.”

As if every club which was on a good run of form and then lost once simply collapsed. Ange himself has said that talk of “momentum” isn’t even entertained inside the Parkhead dressing room; this is all about one game at a time.

If this team were that mentally fragile, how come we clawed back a league deficit of six points to sit at the top? How come we came back from a goal down in the only domestic cup final of the season so far to win the match?

Honest to God, we’ve lost one game.

And yes, it was a dreadful performance and a terrible result no matter what reality some people want to live in.

We shouldn’t be getting beat by a side such as that, regardless of what they did to Mourinho’s outfit earlier in the campaign. We’re not talking here about a side that’s going to go on and win the trophy.

Seriously, I cannot wait now for tomorrow’s game where we can end all this slobbering nonsense in one stroke.

We have a second leg in this tie to come as well, and whilst I don’t particularly care what we do in it, because I think domestic football is vastly more important this season, I would dearly love to see us swing it around and shut these clowns up.

In the meantime, these people will cling to their pitiful delusions.

There is no way that this Celtic team’s confidence has been badly dented by one result.

This team has been on exceptional form this past few months and I have little doubt that they will be back putting teams away this very weekend. European form and domestic form have never properly correlated … in the same season as PSG and other sides were smacking us about in the Champions League we went unbeaten domestically to complete the Invincible Treble.

These idiots might not remember that, but the rest of us do.

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  • Jimmy says:

    I include myself in this. There are a lot of entitled fans who thought that we just needed to turn up on Thursday. The truth for me giving further thought to it. It is a Mickey mouse competition that holds little interest for me. The enormous story of this year for me is the league. We need to put all of our energy into getting into the champions league. With the finances provided by that we can then hopefully put on the park a team to compete. We are 12 months beyond what was a total disaster I would ask the fans that booed the team off the park on wednesday be patient, wr are going in the right firection under Ange.

  • Frankie pearson says:

    I totally agree with you Jimmy,the most important thing this season is winning the league, let us all stick by the team and nothing negative about them.

  • Seppington says:

    Football Insider is nothing but clickbait pish. Noel Whelan was a journeyman player with many clubs and zero honours. Why do these asswipes think that anyone values their opinion? Because the guy failed at three Scottish clubs? He has as much insight into Scottish football as a tortoise does in quantum mechanics, yet he speaks as though he knows all. Guy’s a clown and his opinion should be dismissed as such.



    All clickbait pish, written by enemies of the club or people with no connection masquerading as fans. Stick to this site, Phil Mac, VideoCelts, VitalCeltic, Champions67, TheCelticStar, CQN, CeltsareHere and such like and you’ll do fine. You might not always agree with what’s written but at least you’ll know it’s by real Celts and not sleekit hun media wanks.

  • scouse bhoy says:

    never heard any booing but if there was i would ask anyone who did not to be patient just dont come back. entitlement and rightful place thinking belongs elsewhere.

  • Clachnacuddin and the Hoops says:

    Post of the year Seppington… Slainte fae Clachnacuddin and the Hoops !

  • John S says:

    If anything, the poor result will galvanise the club’s league campaign. Maybe that’s the real worry for the aforementioned detractors.

  • Charles says:

    A win by sevco that is a one in a lifetime result. I decided to watch some of their game and to be honest BD were rotten. I’m not say this wasnt a good result for them but the old saying pride comes before a fall.

  • John Dunne says:

    While I agreed with the majotity of this I think its unfair to be so harsh on Bodo Glimt. They are a very well organised side with a few players that would not look out of place in some good sides including ours. Writing off their chances in the competition smacks of the type of elitism that we are oftem on the end of. Judve a side on how they play not where they play.

  • Jake Hansen says:

    I think both away teams could win by 3 next week. Wouldn’t that be nice for everyone.

  • Peter Cassidy says:

    I have to be really honest not interested in europa Cup or this $hit Cup just win the leauge and scottish Cup as bonus.

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