No, Celtic And The Ibrox Club Should Not Have To Pay For VAR For The Rest.

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The latest stupid idea about how to fix Scottish football has raised its head today on TalkSport and is already being debated by others as if it were a serious point and not ridiculous almost beyond words.

It’s the “suggestion” by Jim White that since the two Glasgow clubs want VAR that they should be the ones to pay for it … for the whole game here.

Only an idiot could have made such a brazenly stupid suggestion, for reasons which are patently obvious.

But let’s start with this one; the technology benefits the whole game. To demand that two clubs pay for a system that everyone will use might sound like a good egalitarian principle, but in fact it’s preposterous and predatory.

Frankly, our clubs pay enough via the massively inflated ticket prices which our supporters already have to meet to go and watch our team at the other grounds.

I suspect that it’s our fans who will end up paying for VAR anyway; Celtic and the two clubs from Ibrox have built most of these stadiums; Scottish football gets enough out of us.

For something like this, the cash has to come from everyone, equally, right across the boards.

To pretend that this is something only two clubs want, and two clubs are pushing for, is flagrantly dishonest anyway … opposition managers, after all, never tire of whinging that you “don’t decisions against these teams” and are amongst those calling most loudly for the technology. So their chairmen will just have to find the cash for it.

The number of leagues which already have this technology would make us a laughing stock if we didn’t use it.

How can the Cypriot league afford it and the SPFL can’t?

They use this technology in Bulgaria, the Kosovan league, in Egypt, in Chile and all acrosss the world.

Yet we’re going to struggle to afford it?

That’s a joke. It smells of delaying tactics to me.

Force down the costs, by all means, and find a way to do it that is effective and as cheap as possible … it’s going to be better than the dire situation we have right now.

But every club pays their share, because every club will reap the benefits.

Anything else would just be plain wrong.

This is an idea that shouldn’t even be up for debate.

Making two clubs carry the full cost would be ridiculous and wrong in every way there is.

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  • REBELLIOUS says:

    They should simply ask Jim White to roll up at the bigotdome and get that fee in CA$H.
    And James, he is a ‘currant’ same as the rest of them, speaks…THEN thinks.
    Cart in front of the horse scenario.

  • JimBhoy says:

    If we had VAR already Celtic would be a good few more points ahead. Only when they think things are not going their way do they shout for VAR, complain about Ref’s to the weak SFA, threats to come shortly.

    I read they are about ready to lynch the manager. Maybe Slippy will be back as the Villa fans are seeing his inept self now. he is 2-3 bad results off a sacking.

    4m new shares maybe they are taking White seriously.

  • Derek Duncan says:

    Lol ,Sevco totally skint FFS

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