No Wonder Celtic Fans Do Not Trust BBC Scotland’s “Journalism” Anymore.

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Celtic fans have long been suspicious of BBC Sports Scotland, and in particular the way it has become a retirement home for ex-Ibrox footballers and all the better if they have EBT’s.

That the national broadcaster is propping these people up when they’ve defrauded the tax-paying public is only one of the many issues we have with it.

The other issue is bias, which is why Kenny McIntyre’s recent bizarre behaviour has drawn so much interest on Twitter and elsewhere.

Since “declaring” himself – not that he needed to – on 31 January any residual attempt at maintaining neutrality has been lost.

He doesn’t even try anymore.

What’s worse, as the January tweet proves, he never really did.

That tweet is a distillation of everything is wrong with Scottish football coverage.

McIntyre is correct to say that there’s nothing wrong with having an allegiance – we’re not talking about referees here controlling games on which manager’s jobs, fans hopes and millions of pounds rest at the end of the day.

But coverage should be objective and honest.

McIntyre seems to think there’s some merit in never having hidden those allegiances.

But a professional is supposed to.

He’s not, as I am, running a blog on Scottish football viewed through the lens of one club. He’s supposed to reflect all opinions and points of view. He is supposed to give everyone a fair shake, and equal scrutiny.

But by his own admission he’s never even tried to do that, and now that he’s openly declared what he is he seems to think that he now has license to act as a paid mouthpiece for the club he supporters … paid by you and me, not the club itself.

His praise for Boyd in the same tweet is equally preposterous.

He has mistaken an ability to generate controversy for the ability to analyse and interpret events.

Because McIntyre feels no requirement to be unbiased, why is it a problem that Boyd can’t be?

As McIntyre upholds no standards, why shouldn’t the studios fill up with halfwits who offer nothing constructive?

Does he think the antics of the “wind up merchants” represents journalism?

It is an appalling thing to suggest.

This creep of naked partisanship into our sports coverage has been noticed – and commented on – over and over again. But it was almost alien to broadcast journalism until recently, and then the likes of Boyd started popping up and being given faux credibility.

Now, from Alex Rae making a fool of himself on radio to the Village Idiot smirking his way through coverage on Sky it is almost everywhere, and all it does is devalue the whole crucible of debate and discussion.

How do you “debate” or “discuss” events with a partisan goon who can barely string a complete sentence together?

The dwindling handful of pros gamely soldier on as all around them the shambling rambling zombies lurch and drool and moan.

McIntyre’s tweet shows that the mentality of those who cover the game has changed; they no longer believe they have to be neutral, balanced and objective; well so be it.

Clubs like the one at Ibrox think they thrive best in the absence of scrutiny and when sycophancy is the order of the day.

Succulent lamb journalism is back, but the club doling out the portions has cut them in half and downgraded the menu; these hacks don’t even get re-heated leftovers, but they are content with what’s in the bowl.

Slavish servility comes at a lower price than ever.

And this is how trust in journalism dies, killed by men like McIntyre, freely admitting their lack of basic professionalism, owning up to bias and allowing that to taint everything.

No wonder Celtic fans do not trust these people; we can’t, and we know we can’t.

How can we, when they don’t even try to hide what they are?

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  • REBELLIOUS says:

    Anyone still paying for a tv license and calling themselves a ‘Celtic supporter’ has to take a serious look at themselves, the bbc have been taking the piss for decades now.
    I’ve not paid for a tv license in 8/9 years and I will never pay it again.NEVER.

  • Tony B says:

    I remember McIntyre, before he came out, leaping to the defence of sevco PR guru Jabba Traynor, who was quite rightly being criticised by Michael Stewart for his corrosive influence on the game In Scotland, which led to Stewart being suspended by the BBC.

    McIntyre did not declare his conflict of interest in this matter at the time and used the excuse to cut Stewart short that Traynor was “not here to defend himself”.

    He has never prior to and subsequent to this incident, used the same excuse with regard to any other individual.

    He is biased and partial in regard to one club only, and uses his position to further its cause, often by undermining other clubs, particularly and unsurprisingly, Celtic.

    He embodies everything that is wrong with the Scottish football media, shamefully championed by the national broadcaster.

  • Dinger says:

    BBC the Billy boys club

  • Funtime frankie says:

    McIntyre ,Boyd, Rae, to mention but a few are all thoughtless minded people and should possibly go on a liars group chasing butterflies in large fields with small nets for small minded people.

  • Seppington says:

    It’s not just in football that this bias is showing but across journalism in general. We no longer truly have newspapers, we now have agenda pamphlets. There’s always been “political leanings” discernable in every paper but there used to be objective reporting too. Now it’s flat-out propaganda from all sides. You can’t truly trust any news source on anything anymore, online or old media All that matters is denigrating the opposite viewpoint at any cost whilst ignoring glaring failing from their own side.

    I hate the media.

  • harold shand says:

    Let’s just keep winning and hope they drop more points and enjoy the meltdown like the one this clown had on Sunday afternoon

    Btw , Pat Bonner is one of the worst on that station , total soup taker

    • Stephen McAdam says:

      Yeah I to hard that on sunday wasnt just him and it was pathetic tho it’s the hun way and Aye big Packie a coward on that score you think he know better being around it long enough but nah he one they guys that huns say ” your awrite big man be hes a right kafflic” no matter if the person is a catholic it’s just their twisted view as unlike the poison we embrace EVERYONE! The poison love an agreeable Tim, as he plays that pathetic card basically being cowardly! As huns hate a challenge always have ” bully in the school yard” is der hun dealt with plenty!

  • Fun time frankie says:

    This has nothing to do with this story. But allegedly A Ramsey ran out of fuel near glasgow airport and was asked to do a drog test which he subsequently he failed and was then allegedly found to be in possession of a class a drug.A report has been sent to the PF.

  • Rianaldo says:

    BBC = ( Bears Before Celtic)

  • Larsson 7 says:

    James well put,Rae,Boyd, McIntyre,it’s like a disease,sawdust in their Brains.

  • Sean says:

    I’m actually gonae give credit we’re it’s due here, at lleast he has admitted what team he supports, not like other people who make up they support st mirren, or airdrie or partick thistle or something. It’s always the same 3 clubs people say they support, so I will give him credit for that at least. A mean who cares who he supports, like a keep saying, if Celtic show our full potential untill May, we will be in the champions league group stages as champions of Scotland, it’s as simple as that.

  • John S says:

    It’s not just the presenters, the editing team has shown a technical proficiency for bias and all this, after all, has to be ‘signed off’ for presentation. Anti-Catholic, pro-EBT, prejudice is alive and well at the country’s biggest broadcaster. It takes years of practice to get to this stage.

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    As you say we all knew he was a hun and so now we know why ex players of the oldco most that benefited for illegal payments from ebts basically paying zero tax from massive wages! Whereas the rest of us pay ours! Some on basic minimum wages! Disgraceful! There no doubt he felt empowered by watching clowns like boyd tho that’s pathetic as boyd has zero objectivity! And McIntyre can say this now but he never has on air! So save us the fake bs. Glad a dont pay no license fee

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    Now we know why so many these ex hun cheats get work I meant, glad I dont or ever will fund it

  • smokey says:

    As others have said we all knew Mcintyre was/is a hun……unreal that BBC Sportsound
    give jobs to so many of them…….also have to agree with one of the posters on here about Pat Bonner
    soap taker and the most irritating talker on BBC Sportsound…….second only to
    Liam Mcleod the pricks prick……….

  • Charles says:

    Unfortunately I pay my licence fee for this cvnt to wind every celtic fan up. You couldn’t make it up

  • owen dolan says:

    Afraid that’s the way it is here James.There is hardly any newspaper in the country that does have reporters who don’t support sevco/rangers and in the referee’s “some of whom are connected to them by way of being ex season ticket holders.

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