Rent-A-Quote Hack Cannot Stop His Negative Ranting About Celtic

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Tam McManus. What does that name make you think of? Intelligence? Insight? Analysis which makes you glad you’ve lived this long to listen to such a world class pundit? Or do you roll your eyes like me, like someone who is weary of his nonsense?

Tonight he’s making headlines again – as all these clowns seem to do whenever they open their mouths – doing what he does best; having a pop at Celtic. He can’t help it. He’s got the bug now. He knows that nothing gets him headlines like it and nothing will again. Whenever he has been out of the spotlight for a while he has a rant about us and he gets back in the papers.

Tonight he’s banging on about us being “out of legs”; even if you aren’t scratching your head about what that actually means, it’s simply another example of somebody writing us off. This team might have just gone out of Europe but in case he and others missed it we played for the full 90 minutes at home against Dundee; if we were as weak as some say, if we were dead on our feet, we’d certainly not have been able to score that last ditch winner.

Four times this season we’ve won a game in the last ten minutes of the match. That’s eight points. That’s the gap at the top and then some. There are teams which can do it his and teams which can’t and the teams that do are the teams that win titles.

We might not have blown Dundee out, and we may have let Aberdeen back into the game in a way that was pretty hard to watch, but we won both of those matches. The club that sits just behind us in the table hasn’t won in four away games and they’ve shopped a rash of points in the doing. But they are basking in the glory of a European win and even if they weren’t, the media would find some other excuse not to write about their domestic woes.

It would suit a lot of people if this Celtic side was as exhausted, physically and mentally, as some seem to think. The trouble is, there are eleven games left and we definitely have enough about us to get through them. We have the squad strength. We have the mental fortitude. How could we not? We fought back from six points down and won a trophy along the way.

But our press never tires of a wee anti-Celtic soundbite. So he’s’ got his headlines. He’s got another wee moment in the spotlight. It’s all he and the others are going to get,

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  • Derek Duncan says:

    Another nobody that’s knows fuck all about fuck all

  • Roonsa says:

    I don’t even know who he is. Who is he?

  • Tony B says:

    Pishful thinking by a shit scared Hibee.

    Good. They’re cacking their pants about facing us on Sunday.

  • Bob (original) says:

    There will be a fair few nobodies lined up to have a pop at us as we near another title win – and we inflict more financial pain at Ibrox.

    The more pathetic / desperate the criticism from the SMSM, the more worried they are about the viability of the latest ‘Rangers’.


  • Peterbrady says:

    Ange best 11 on park blast Hibs 4-0 half time then laugh at sevco zombies implode as vanveen ragdolls the filth the hordes going Tonto as they slither back to there ghettos

  • John S says:

    Highly contagious is the journalistic equivalent of rabies.

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