Rod Stewart Should Have Kept His Mouth Shut About Celtic’s Away Fan Ticket Policy.

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Has Rod Stewart not got celebrity football matches to play? Or Boris Johnson’s posterior to kiss?

I thought he would be busier than this, than to be going around suggesting away fan ticket policy to Celtic.

If he needs something to do with himself, couldn’t he volunteer to work for a charity in his spare time?

Something productive. To put his name to good use?

What’s he doing jumping into this dead debate?

Why’s he getting involved in this, and calling our club “childish” simply because we’ve taken reciprocal action?

And is he stupid that he’s said all this in such a manner that The Daily Record has been able to twist his words into an anti-Celtic headline?

Upon being asked about the ticket restrictions, whilst on TalkSport, this is what he had to say.

“I’m so glad you mentioned that on the ban on Rangers fans – it’s so childish. t really ruins the atmosphere. We must get back to normal. It’s great when the fans are singing back and forth to each other, taking the mickey out of each other. It’s what football is all about. We have to go high when they go low, and vice-versa. Someone’s got to come out and say, we are the bigger club, we are going to have the supporters back.”

What a daft intervention to make. Because of course it let The Record do this.

Which, as you can see, he absolutely did not do, but might as well have.

I find this whole argument to be a circular mess, and it’s only a circular mess because people like this, people who should know better, keep on insisting that Celtic be the ones to step up and end it.

I have a problem with that because they either don’t know – which makes their opinion garbage – or don’t care that Celtic has tried repeatedly to resolve this and been rebuffed.

It seems to me that what many people want – Stewart included apparently – is for us to simply give Ibrox a free win here.

It’s not going to happen, and it shouldn’t happen.

Why in God’s name should our club do what these people are asking us to?

We have made overtures on this.

Take tonight’s match; we were going to guarantee them tickets for this game, but earlier in the season they, at the last second, withdrew our allocation for Ibrox by demanding an assurance Celtic simply could not give them, and which they knew we couldn’t give them.

They actually manufactured a pretext for taking away the 700 tickets we were meant to have gotten, and I use that word so that there is no ambiguity; they stitched us up.

They invented an issue, just to piss us about, after the tickets were actually printed, delivered and Celtic were waiting to send them out to supporter’s buses and fans.

Their conduct during this whole affair – since it first started – has been characterised by dishonesty and spite.

It’s chickenshit behaviour and I resent the idea that we are supposed to “rise above it” because our conduct has so clearly been vastly better than theirs has right from the beginning of this.

We don’t have to “rise above it”; they’ve gone lower than a snake’s belly.

I know some of the details of what’s been going on behind the scenes between Celtic and Ibrox over this affair, going back to the start, and I can tell you that our club has been at its most reasonable and accommodating at every stage of it.

But what we have not done, and are not willing to do, is roll over and allow our fans to be excluded from their ground whilst we put the welcome mat out for theirs, the very fans who clamoured for our exclusion in the first place.

What are we, mugs or something?

Because that’s what a mug would do.

Celtic’s policy is clear. And Celtic’s policy, for all this bitching and wailing, is fair.

We will treat other club’s fans as those clubs treat our fans.

What is complicated about that, difficult to understand about that or worth all this griping?

We will treat them as they treat us. It’s the most reasonable policy there is.

Stewart isn’t the only person to talk this kind of garbage.

Plenty of folk have written similarly poor stuff advocating that we reach for “the moral high ground” on this, apparently wholly ignorant of the problems that would cause the club with its own fans, first and foremost, and without any visible upside whatsoever.

As this blog has repeatedly asked; what’s the moral high ground worth to us anyway, except trouble?

Are we going to get credit for it?

From who? Ibrox? And what’s that worth to us as we know it would only encourage their nasty behaviour?

The media which has consistently blamed us right from the start of this, although we weren’t the ones who implemented the policy in the first place?

I am so sick and tired of that line of reasoning.

Honestly, people like Stewart should keep their mouths shut on this if they don’t know the details, and anyone who thinks we’ve been childish here, or that we should somehow change our policy to suit that of other people whilst Celtic fans are treated like shit either isn’t playing with the full facts, or with a full deck.

Either way, I think we’re all sick hearing it.

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  • Mark B says:

    It’s clear our regular celebrations at Ibrox led them to starting this whole reduce way fans agenda. It’s such a shame … it has for me taken away a real special aspect of the game. It’s such a shame. Used to love it away at Ibrox and the competitive atmosphere of these games is greatly diminished. It’s Another sad thing about modern football along with players being massively over paid, very little loyalty and kick offs at lunchtime.

    • Roonsa says:

      I really don’t think it was anything to do with us celebrating at Ibrox, Mark. It was purely financial. If they could get season ticket money up front for those seats then it was a no brainer for a club in financial turmoil. It also served as grandstanding by allowing their fans to think it was two fingers to Celtic fans. If I was one of that lot (and I thank the baby Jesus every day that I am not) – I’d have been happy with it. I am happy with Celtic’s response. Only the media care to drag this up as a means of having a go at us. There’s nothing new in that so we move on. It’s a non story.

  • harold shand says:

    This paper want us to believe a Celtic fan phoned in their hotline the other day to say Juranovic has been terrible

  • Bigmick says:

    That rotten lot simply can’t play the game…they love to dish it out and can’t take it back.
    Their banning of Sutton and Lennon from Ibrox tells Al we need to know about their attitude. They should be publicly condemned by any reasonable sports journalist and football authority.
    They go a long way to ruin and tarnish the game in Scotland.
    They’re a big nasty puss-filled plook on the face of Scottish football…and it’s time somebody smacked it with a hardback book on sporting integrity.

  • Seppington says:

    Rod the fraud pretends to be one of us but is in fact an attention-seeking tory wank, and shows Boris Johnson-level awareness of (timmy) public feeling on this. We didn’t ban them after all the times they broke seats and destroyed toilets, even though we would have been entirely justified, yet they banned us because they couldn’t take watching us celebrate victory after victory over them in their ain midden. They are the children in this scenario, they should be big enough to admit their mistake, but they won’t because their attitude of “nae surrendur tae ra feenyins on anyhin’ undur ony surcumstansiz”.
    I suppose that’s why the press is on at us about this, a) because it would make us look weak if we gave in, and b) because they know there’ll never be opposition fans at derby games ever again if we don’t. Screw the lot of them. We don’t need those neanderthals anywhere near Paradise, and for reasons of health and safety no tim should ever have to go near that ramshackle toxic cowp ever again….

  • Roonsa says:

    Rod Stewart does not speak for Celtic or Celtic fans. Nothing else need be said on this matter.

  • Sean mccaffrey says:

    I completely agree with Rod on this, he spot on. Away fans have to be reintroduced to this fixture, as it’s the fixture that excites the most, Im all for it. God the guy was asked a question, and gave his opinion James, a mean was he just not to answer the question or something. Rod has got as much right as you, or anybody else to have an opinion. We don’t live in North Korea, or some Muslim country were they stone females for having an opinion. Holler was defeated in the Second World War, to give free expression. Rod was only giving his opinion, like you were giving yours, it’s as simple as that.

  • Chris 67 says:

    Wee Rod showing how little he actually knows about being a true Celt, everyone and his wife knows Celtic have tried more than once to bring this to an end. Its our childish neighbour who is dragging this out. So if I was Rod I would either educate myself on this matter otherwise just shut the fcuk up?HH

  • John S says:

    If the smaller clubs can’t see that the erosion of fair ticket allocations will eventually hurt them the most…then good luck to them.

  • Kyogos Dream Team says:

    Am afraid having wore the FILTHS colours in the 70’s I couldn’t give a Fuk whit Rod says! He ‘claims’ tae support us but he has NO FUKIN CLUE about the SCUMS antics on & aff the park! They took away 7k supporters bcoz we Fukin LAPPED it up at the Crumbledome, they were never bothad during their 9iar yrs! Simple fact is this NEWCO are a 100 times worse than the Knuckodraggin HUN Bastards that went before them & will bar anywan & everywan of sane mind that’s against them! FUK THEM& GET THEM FUKIN PUMPED RANGT.. MON THE FUKIN HOOPS!! HH!!

    • Roonsa says:

      Sorry mate, that is hogwash. If it was purely about stopping us lapping it up at Ibrox then why haven’t they invited us back as we haven’t done too well there in recent times?

      Maybe because they think it’s working to their advantage in 2 ways: 1) they haven’t lost against us at Ibrox since (I believe – off the top of my head) the game we won 2-0, the one when Hayes scored at the end to ram it right up them. 2) They can sell those seats as season tickets which means money up front.

      It’s absolute lunacy to think the the decision on their part (or Celtic’s for that matter) was anything other than because it’s beneficial to the club. Perhaps they actually see a bigger picture and they have ideas that benefit their coffers more than just overcharging Celtic fans twice a year.

      • Seppington says:

        To cave and allow us in would be an admission that they’ve made a mistake, and they are incapable of such an act. Tell us how well they’ll do out of it if we pump them tonight and end up top with a good points lead by the time the next game at their midden rolls around. Do you think they’ll sell out that stand to their glory-hunting scumbags if it looks like we’ll crush them? Or do you think they’d benefit more from 10k tims having a party?
        They did it out of pettiness and spite, nothing else. If it was that much financially better for them the oldco would have tried it to try and raise funds to desperately stave off liquidation. That they didn’t tells you all you need to know.

        • Roonsa says:

          Well first of all, as I said in my post – ST money is up front. So it doesn’t really matter that much how many people sit in the seats. Secondly, reverse the situation – if Celtic fans were telling the board don’t let these bastards in – do you think the Celtic board would say naaaaah, we’d rather sell those tickets to huns than make more money over the course of a season and get it up front which allows us to spend it in the transfer market now?

          Right mate, you just keep thinking what you are thinking. I am telling you, you are wrong.

          • Seppington says:

            Good point about the season tix, I wasn’t considering that. As for our board vs their board; ours ignores us no matter who is calling for action, whereas theirs will cave to the wants of the lunatic fringe at the drop of a hat. It’s like comparing apples with grenades, totally different.
            In this instance I believe they have acted at the behest of their uber-staunch DUP-affiliated PR wanker. Until that roaster rocked up to the midden they kept most of their more reprehensible leanings under wraps, but not anymore!
            You can tell me I’m wrong all you like, I’ll just say “right back at ya!”…

      • Kyogos Dream Team says:

        Wrong, we beat them in Aug 2019, the reduction in fans started Dec 2018! They have in fact ONLY beaten us twice in front of Fans at the Crumbledome & the Broomloan Stand was ALWAYS for ST holders who were forced to move when playing us! On a cost basis they benefitted with 7k @ £50 a skull which is 350k whereas costing their ST it wiz roughly 7k @ £30 a SKULL!! So a loss of 140k proving it HAS BEEN DUN 100% TAE APPEASE THE KNUCKODRAGGIN SCUM THAT FOLLOW FOLLOW THEM!!

        • Roonsa says:

          Where the hell are you getting £30 from?

        • Roonsa says:

          In any case. You are not accounting for indirect sales that would be much more if the home fans were in attendance rather than Glasgow’s Green and White. Unless you see yourself buying an official scarf or match programme at the Theatre of Hate.

        • Roonsa says:

          Another consideration. Lower policing costs.

          I can 100% guarantee that when they had a meeting to discuss kicking Celtic fans into touch the first question would have been “How much is this going to cost us?”. And when some smartarse who understands accounting (i.e you look at the bottom line, not the top) said “Not a penny. In fact we could make a profit and the money is all up front” I bet there weren’t many dissenters.

          • Seppington says:

            That’s actually another great point….and now you’ve put it like that I wouldn’t be surprised to find the entire thing has been concocted in advance with the aid of our sleekit board, as the same benefits would apply….nicely done. I don’t mind admitting that I may be wrong!

  • Damian says:

    Maybe he thinks it is childish?

  • Martin H. says:

    The Ibrox club won’t even let our former players in to their ground for Europa league games, so no chance of getting in for old firm games.

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    Wouldnt let any thst filth near our ground!! Utter poison end of! I wanted this for years! I rather no even play this vile filth but if we have to well its fne with me ,now Cektic let’s get this done!! Hail Hail ????

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