Ross The Racial Abuser Should Cease Ranting About Celtic And Focus On His Own Club.

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Here’s the thing about making a moral argument; you have to be consistent at it.

When The Record was pulverising Glen Kamara’s abuser I pointed out their long record of hypocrisy on this very subject.

This is the paper that was still calling for Lorenzo Amoruso to be capped for Scotland after he had racially abused a Dortmund player.

It is the same paper which has frequently “consulted” Hugh Dallas, sacked for a bigoted email at the SFA.

It is the same paper which has often lionised Malky MacKay, sacked by Cardiff for a string of despicable, racist and misogynist text messages.

So it’s really no surprise to see them today printing the words of Maurice Ross.

His comment that Celtic has only been at the top of the league for “ten minutes” and that Giakoumakis “lacks class” for being confident that we’ll win the league ignores one or two things, and I’ll get to them in a moment, but before that let’s put Ross under the microscope.

This is the guy who was assistant manager at Notts County for just under three months.

He resigned just prior to an inevitable sacking for making a “racially insensitive comment” to one of the club’s own players. The Scottish press, which forgave him almost at once, reported that he later did “education courses” so he might learn what racism is.

Only in this country could an assertion so laughable be accepted.

Our own manager got right to the heart of it when he said, earlier in the season, that people know right from wrong and to pretend that adults need to learn this stuff is a joke.

But if you are a former Ibrox player – and EBT recipient no less – then it seems forgiveness is always available to hand. Right after his “resignation” BBC Radio Scotland, home of many an EBT paid player, gave him a platform from which to rationalise and minimise what he had done. I guess if you have enough pals in the media, as Dallas has, as Mackay has, anything goes.

The double standard is appalling and should make people sick.

Ross is a self-confessed bigot, that’s the truth of it. He had to be “educated” not to be a racist?

Is that supposed to make us laugh?

We’re supposed to accept his moralising on one of our players when he has that particularly rich piece of personal history? Since none of the media wants to do that analysis before reporting his words it falls to us again.

His comments aren’t even credible when taken on their own.

Numerous media personalities called the league in September. More than one Ibrox player has made comments similar to those which Giakoumkas made at the weekend.

There is an element of bigotry in the way Giakoumakis’ words are being represented in the press; he’s just another uppity fenian who has too much to say for himself. You are allowed to be confident if you play at Ibrox or you move in their media circle. But how dare a Celtic player express his views as clearly as this?

You know we’re under their skin when this is the quality of their commentary.

As for Ross the racial abuser, he does actually have a real job to do, one which I would think the directors and fans and players at Cowdenbeath would feel happier if he focussed on.

They’d be happier still if he was doing it with even a shred of success.

His current club – not for much longer one suspects – sits rooted to the bottom of the league … the Second Division.

Which means they are the worst football team in the whole of Scotland’s professional structure right now.

How relieved all involved there must be that his focus is on what matters.

How amazing that he thinks he can lecture Celtic on our players, or that he give Ibrox advice on how to motivate its own footballers … it would serve him better if he found a way to motivate the ones in his own charge, and in a way that doesn’t send them running to their PFA rep or to Show Racism The Red Card Scotland.

I really don’t feel like there’s any merit in discussing further either his comments or his sordid past behaviour.

But I marvel that The Record has again demonstrated its own complete lack of scruple or principle or even just short term memory.

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  • Pan says:

    We know they don’t like fenians, but they also don’t seem to like orthodox fenians from Greece or Russia. Maurice Ross is a bigot and always will be. He cannot be educated.

    Hopefully, many of us a saving all these comments from various Hypocritical and bigoted outlets. The time is coming when they may be very useful.

  • Tony B says:

    Racist Ross is e pluribus unum when it comes to the klan, its players fans and fellow travellers in the media.

    Want to show some class fascist?

    Pay your taxes and keep your gub shut you no mark.

  • Finbar muldoon says:

    Haven’t bought the rag since “thugs and thieves” headline. HH

  • Michael McCartney says:

    It would be unusual for a player of a team who have beaten their only competitor in the League Title race 3-0 just a few weeks ago, and when this rival team has gone from 6 points ahead to 3 points behind not to fancy his team to win the title.
    No wonder the Record has lost so many readers in the past 10 years the calibre and lack of integrity of the journalists in Scotland is shameful and will surely lead to even more job losses in their industry.

    Has anyone noticed the forecast at Bodo for the next 2 days, it is for heavy snow. I just hope Celtic and the SPFL are aware of this and contingent plans have been made in case Celtic have problems in travelling back from inside the Arctic Circle. Whoever in EUFA thought it is a good idea for any team to travel to this area in February is incredible.

  • Bigmick says:

    The little bastard shouldn’t even pass as a fit and proper person to be involved with any football club.
    Just another product of the vile devil-seed ejaculated over Scotland by the Ibrox wanking machine.

  • scouse bhoy says:

    it is the editors and producers in the media who give his kind a platform who are the problem. scotlands media shame. the sooner they go the same way as oldco the better for society.

  • harold shand says:

    It’s been a tough few days for that paper

    From the w*nkfest of Dortmund to watching their beloved team drop another 2 points

    Then seeing us score another late winner to go 3 points clear would’ve been an absolute sickener

    Wheeling out Maurice Ross is just desperate stuff and tells you everything you need know about the guy who wrote it that his go to to guy for interviews is a racist

  • SSMPM says:

    No real surprise imo that a divisive anti Catholic racist paper promotes the racist Ross. Scotland 2022. HH

  • Tony says:

    perhaps his Chairman put him up to it James

  • Tyrone9 says:

    Daily Record

    Written by bigots for bigots….

    I haven’t t even looked at the back pages in the supermarkets for years.

    As circulation drops to around 80k, when it was previously near 900k, DAILY.

    Sotherton target audience is the hard of thinking….

  • Smokey says:

    Another racist wheeled out to comment on a Celtic player…. “Lacks Class” he says…..this from a guy who racially abused a Dutch player…
    Says it all about that rag of a paper

  • John Coyne says:

    One of your best blogs James.
    I agree 100% with your comments.
    The Record is an arse wipe of a rag.
    To go this low into the gutter should not surprise us but its seems more and more like the death rattle for this particular sevco centric pain in the arse.
    In the same article he talks about his EBT time at rangers and how they spoke about fearing no one.
    Every game they went into, thinking we’re better than this mob.
    Some self awareness classes as well as anti racism classes should be the order of the day for this bigot.

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    Appart from this halfwits being a racist and bigot his assertion that we been top ” 10 minutes” Ha ha Aye mate more like 20 years! And since 2000 been well on top! Untill last year and the fraud lennon 2012 /13 season we amassed 80 plus points every season! Won all but 5 of the leagues raked up Quadrangle Trebles and did a TREBLE Invincible season!! But hey hey let this clown talk his shit only in brigadoon Scotland what a joke!

    • Stephen McAdam says:

      Mate huns dont do self awareness! Surely you know that, weird weird people is ” der hun”

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