Sky’s Resident Scumbag Can Rally The Goons, But He Cannot Affect The Title Race.

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Well, he was there on TV yesterday again, as Sky ditched the idea of having impartial professionals in their studio and opted instead for the clown act. In the aftermath of the Celtic game he looked like someone had slapped him.

In the aftermath of the one at Ibrox he was back to his preening, arrogant worst, bumping his gums and trying to stir the soup.

“(Sevco) ain’t going to go away and they will challenge right to the end for this league title,” he said. The press has interpreted that as a warning to us. Funny that they weren’t so quick to interpret other of his comments in the last week.

Regardless, whatever this muppet says is of no consequence whatsoever.

He can “warn” all he likes and posture and preen for the cameras as much as he wants.

He can fan the flames. He can call for physical attacks on our captain if that’s what tickles his fancy; from now on all of us should consider his rantings to be the squealing of a rat caught in a trap.

The simple fact is that this eejit can rally the goons all he pleases; it won’t make a blind bit of difference to the outcome of this title race. He can cheer up their rabid fans by backing the team he loves but it doesn’t put points on the board.

Who cares if they “go away” or not?

They can stay as they stand – in second place – trying desperately to cling onto our coat tails until the cows come home.

When this season ends, they can be right there, where they are right now, and I don’t care if they are frantically clinging on until the last minute of the last game … not that I expect them to be.

This cretin can’t change anything. All he can do is flap his trap from the sidelines, growing increasingly desperate and frantic and furious. And eventually – because it was inevitable last time and is equally so now – he will say something utterly outrageous and find himself enmeshed in a new controversy.

Because he’s just like the fat blonde worm clutching to the door of Number 10; he cannot help himself.

But he can’t help his team either. And that’s what matters.

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  • Roonsa says:

    He was grandstanding. A bit like the class bully who just got battered off the best fighter from another class so batters the next best fighter in his class to reinforce his position in his own little stagnant pond. He’s still not the best fighter in the year.

    Did that make sense? I’ll read it back to myself ….

    … nah. Pish. It’ll have to don’t though.

    I couldn’t give a Friar Tuck what that eejit says. I ditched Sky and am better off for it.

  • Bigmick says:

    As the saying goes; never approach a bull from the front,a horse from behind,or a fool from any direction.
    Best leave this particular buffoon to dig his own grave.

  • Finbar muldoon says:

    “They’re not going away”? Of course they’re going away. Just like the first rangers. HH

  • Steven Thomson says:

    The guy is 100% muppet . Nothing else to say to be honest

  • Pan says:

    Any Celtic supporter who still contributes to SKY needs their heads examined.
    The same applies to the BBC and the MSM.

  • harold shand says:

    I just turn the sound down or switch channel then switch back when he’s gone and i certainly don’t read the scum rag he ‘ writes ‘ for . I’m just not remotely interested in anything he has to say

  • shaney says:

    A goon indeed and he sure looked like he had had a good slap after our win

  • Frankie pearson says:

    This guy is a total clown shows how much he knows who has got the better squad and backup, once we start moving on he will be starting to tear that thread out off his head,he should go into a large field and chase butterflies.

  • Eugenio Savelli says:

    You know it is really getting to the point were it is pointless having sky sports package they hardly show any Scottish games of interest I pay
    £115 subscription per month and most Celtic or
    Rangers games or only on PPV THAT’S SIMPLY NOT ON and I will be thinking long and hard whenever the renewals come round it’s certainly not good value and I thought V/Mere bad.

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