The Celtic Bloggers Are Not To Blame For The Financial Insanity Of Goonies FC.

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One of the things that has astonished me in recent days is the vaguely accusatory tone of some of the messages sent to me and other bloggers, like Phil Mac Giolla Bhain, over Ibrox’s signing of Aaron Ramsey.

I struggle at times to understand what part of what we write they struggle to comprehend.

I struggle at times with why they can’t use a calculator.

The simplified version, shorn of the invective, is this; we told them Ibrox was skint and that Ibrox couldn’t spend money and yet here they’ve gone out and signed a guy the media is hailing as a global superstar, on what must either be a huge fee or massive wages.

And you know, it’s true.

They have clearly spent, or are committed to spending, a huge sum of money on the Ramsey deal, which is extraordinary enough in itself, and even more so when you realise that it’s only for a couple of months.

But if people are panicking over that then they shouldn’t be, and they really ought to direct their anger and aggression elsewhere than at us. Because all we do is deliver the facts.

Ibrox cannot afford to spend stupid money. And yet they have.

I’ll do a fuller piece later in the week – once tonight’s game is over with, cause frankly I’m not terribly interested in anything but that – on the finances of this deal, but I don’t need to do a deep dive for people to understand that it’s an expensive roll of the dice.

For that, somehow, the blame is being foisted onto those of us who said this was impossible for them to do, that it was a gamble they were unable to make.

Here’s the news though; this is a gamble they were unable to make!

That they still decided to do it isn’t a reflection on the Celtic fan sites.

It’s a reflection on the rampaging narcissism and financial profligacy of Ibrox.

It is a reflection on how utterly insane they are inside that club, how unable to show restraint they are, and how prone they are to reactive decision making.

The truth remains that any major company which ran its business this way would be out of business in very short order.

Ibrox is not funded rationally, but as long as the giant egos in their boardroom are willing to put up their own money to feed the massive salaries of sick-note footballers with famous names, and as long as the other clubs are not willing to put in place regulations which prevent this, then, theoretically, they can do it until the director’s get tired of it or their own personal wealth is exhausted.

The club itself isn’t even running on fumes anymore. It is running on empty.

For me, speaking personally, I’ve always maintained that this is a Scottish football site first and foremost, not predominantly a Celtic site.

But it is a Scottish football site written by Celtic fans and from a Celtic perspective.

For all that, I believe that we are capable of objective analysis both of our own club and of the wider game.

And any objective analysis of Ibrox’s finances will reveal that the club is a shambles from top to bottom, pinning its hopes on a Champions League pot of gold to stave off disaster.

You know who the last people were who pinned their hopes on a pot of gold to stave off disaster? The Goonies.

Hence the title of this article.

It is bonkers, it is the stuff of fantasy and fairytales, and all we do is say so, and we’re going to keep on saying so until the crash comes.

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  • SSMPM says:

    You’ve fellas have clearly gotten under the mask of the huns, their shitty bloggers and the totally independent Scottish press and media. The sword of honesty up the gash clearly hurts. I’d settle for 1-0 tonight. We’ve been creating so many chances lately without scoring, so imagine the impact on the huns and all their cheerleaders if we were to get our finishing right and put those chances away. I live in hope of that emphatic victory, mibbies 6-2 again, and another honest JF report in the morning.
    Good luck tonight Bhoys

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