The Ibrox Love-In Is In Fully Tilt. But Celtic Could Be Laughing Come Monday.

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I refuse to get panicked by last night.

Either what happened at Celtic Park or what happened in Germany. The Germany result is almost as big a shock as we got at home. No wonder the media over there has branded their team a disgrace.

Before anyone freaks over it, they need to remember that we casually swatted the Ibrox club aside when they rolled up to Celtic Park just a few weeks ago. That’s why I can say quite safely that they are not as good a side as the press imagines today, and we are not as bad a one. This season will not be decided on foreign shores.

It will be decided right here at home, in Scotland.

Here in Scotland, we play Dundee at the weekend.

Before we kick off, they play Dundee Utd. For once they are away and we are at home.

The euphoria over there might last only as long as those 90 minutes against a team which has already beaten them in the league. If they drop anything and we move further ahead, the mood will change dramatically.

Tonight is the Ibrox love-in, but we have been through them before.

It usually comes before the fall. The manager gets the praise and the glory heaped upon him, but that usually comes before the roof falls in. Which is why I haven’t taken any notice of it.

The press can write whatever they want.

Their fans can fantasise their Europa League Final appearance and dream as they like … all that matters, as they well know, is who sits at the top of the table when this campaign ends.

Right now, that’s us. Right now that is Celtic.

We need to just keep on putting the points on the board, starting with the win on Sunday. The next midweek is simply a distraction because then it’s Hibs away from home and that one interests me more.

Celtic must keep the pressure on, where it belongs. Sunday is a far bigger game for us than this midweek or the one to come.

Win the league and nobody will even care.

Win the treble, and we’ll barely even remember how we feel right now.

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  • Charles says:

    Well said good article. People might say this is sour grapes but I know what I want celtic to win at the end of the season and it’s not the europa conference cup. Their result last night was one of the freakish results ever.

    • Dora says:

      Totally agree Charles, Celtic did great in the Europa league Qs, almost made it but hey, didn’t happen so I personally feel this conference shitballs is a step too far…way to many games in an already loaded fixture list.
      Let wangers footy klub lap it up against a shocking Dortmund side, get through to the next round when, all of a sudden sevco being sevco united, they will convince themselves they’ll win a European cup and guess what—-they WON’T!!!
      Sorry Charles I rambled on there a tad, all I’m interested in is when Celtic win the league and not this 3rd tiered Conf tripe!

  • Colin Barclay says:

    It’s your favourite Dandie Dons fan here. I really enjoy reading your take on Celtic and Scottish football. It surprises me that you seem to be happy to be top of a pub league and win the cups. One of which, granted you have already won. Being ahead of Sevco seems to be all that matters.
    Celtic were way off the pace in the third level European competition this week. Surely Celtic must aspire to be more effective in Europe given the financial strength they have over everyone in Scotland and should be playing at a much higher level in Europe.
    I appreciate Celtic are a work in progress but competing and beating teams like Ajax regularity in Europe in the champions league must be the aspiration, not just being ahead of Sevco. Celtic are better than that, surely.

    • Big Scoop says:

      This season league is all that matters. With automatic qualification for CL keeping sevco out it is a must. Europa Conference is a joke, a complete mockery of the sport. Celtic win the league wel dominate for another decade.

    • Iljas Baker says:

      Too true sir. I wish all Celtic fans thought the same.We should be ambitious.

    • Iljas Baker says:

      Such lack of ambition.

  • John S says:

    The Huns can’t help ‘biting the hand’ in the end.

  • jrm63 says:

    “I refuse to get panicked by last night”. You seem to have the literary memory of a gold fish

    The tie at Ibrox next week will be real interesting. Do they stick or twist? If they go through that is a minimum of 2 more games. We have to win on Sunday, that is the most important thing. If we are going for it next week in Norway I expect to see James McCarthy on Sunday

  • Guchi Boy says:

    Fuk the Conference League, Ange has pulled a flanker here! The FILTH going another round will Fuk them completely & when they draw ramorra we will go 3 pts CLEAR & at least 12 goals ahead meaning we could lose at their SHITTER altho we won’t! With us playing on a Sat we will go 6 clear in a couple of weeks & their ARSES will COLLAPSE COMPLETELY BAWAHAHAHAHAHA!!

  • Iljas Baker says:

    I for one care about the midweek performance and result. If you have no European ambition then you’re different from me. It’s nice to win the SPFL but let’s face it the opposition are nowhere near a test or as entertaining or as exciting to watch as European teams.

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