The Record’s Ibrox “Strength In Depth” Piece Is A Gross Underestimation Of Celtic’s.

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For the second time today, I’m writing about an atrocious Daily Record fluff piece, so pro-Ibrox that it drips red, white and blue. It’s about how the win over Annan showed their “strength in depth” and boasted about the “two teams” Van Bronckhorst could have fielded.

It is typical of the pro-Ibrox press to write this kind of nonsense when our own squad has never been stronger.

Having read it I thought I would have a go putting our own two elevens out on the park, and you know what? I reckon our two teams would beat either of theirs hands down. I think we now have far and away the stronger team.

So let’s do it, shall we? Let’s look at our own strength in depth.

The first starting eleven there pretty much picks itself; I’ve gone with what is recognised, or would be, as our strongest eleven at the moment with Hart, Juranovic, Carter Vickers, Starfelt, Taylor, McGregor, Hatate, Rogic, Abada, Kyogo and Jota.

No real arguments there, except for those who might not think we should be played Taylor at left back.

Plenty of scope for debate on that.

It’s a great team, one that is comfortably good enough to beat any team in this country.

But the second string aren’t slouches either in that regard.

For that, I’ve gone for Barkas over Bain, as he’s an international, with Ralston at right back and a central defensive partnership of Welsh and Jullien, with Scales on the left. Central midfield is a feast of options, and I’ve picked Bitton, Turnbull and O’Riley. Up front, I’ve gone with Forrest on the right, Giakoumakis in the middle and Maeda wide left.

I think that team would also comfortably beat any team in the league, including either of the so-called Ibrox elevens.

Much is made in The Record piece about Ibrox’s “unused” players; how about this for unused?

Ideguchi, Soro, Johnston, Ajeti, Dembele, Moffat, Murray, Bolingoli, Kenny and Bain.

Bear in mind, these are the guys who can’t get into the first 22, so if some of them seem like filler that’s only to be expected.

As you’ll have noticed though there’s very nearly a third eleven in that lot and if you add in a couple of reserves (as The Record does with the Ibrox “backup”) you do.

Honestly, the Ibrox love-in over there really is something to see.

You only have to look at the subs benches we’ve had lately, groaning with options, to see the strength of this team. This is now a squad that can challenge on all fronts, so of course the national newspaper would focus on theirs.

You couldn’t make this stuff up.

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  • Kevin McGrandles says:

    Barkas couldn’t keep a beach ball out a phone box he is utter mince

  • harold shand says:

    They were billing this as a hard game for Rangers * all week .

    Annan Athletic a hard game

    F*cking Annan Athletic

  • Finbar muldoon says:

    Haven’t bought the ranger since Thugs and Thieves headline. HH

  • Guchi Boy says:

    Huns played Annan & McCarthys no in ur team but he is lol!

  • John A says:

    Has Barkas ever made a save for us? No argument with the rest.

  • Tony B says:

    They are making this stuff up because their continued survival depends on keeping the huns on board with pie in the sky feel good articles in order to keep them buying their rag.

    Let’s face it, who else would buy it these days except for the deluderinos of sevco, and knowing this, rags like the ranker cynically exploit this for their own ends.

    It’s not even about supporting them anymore, it’s only about the money.

  • jrm63 says:

    You actually forgot Turnbull which probably proves your point

  • john clarke says:

    celtic b team is third in the lowland league and rangers b team fifth with 18 teams competing. bonnyrig is the standout team with a handy points lead. the games do not attract many fans which is a pity. i guess this hardly contributes to celtic superiority in depth?
    most teams are playing for fun.

  • john clarke says:

    The Record’s article is nothing but bumpf but i hope rangers players read it and believe it.
    unfortunately footballers don’t read this stuff. we want rangers to be over confident to the degree of hubris so that when they next meet celtic, their thoughts of supreme superiority will be disintegrated to smithereens in the first half and further mental meltdown results.
    i am quietly confident that celtic playing at their highest individual and TEAM abilities will prevail and win the PREMIERSHIP. Rangers are a top team and celtic will need a couple or more of the lower team to play “out of their skins” and draw with rangers, thus establishing a buffer for Celtic. i can’t see this happening. rangers are too good but so are celtic.

  • Mark says:

    James you said you had Turnbull but actually got McCarthy instead. Then neither are mentioned in the ‘”unused’. Just pointing out not a criticism as I agree.

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