This Window Closed With Celtic As The Winners No Matter What Others Might Say.

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So the window shuts without a sixth signing.

No matter. The manager made it clear that we would only do business if a special option presented itself.

(Did no-one tell him that there was a superstar available, virtually for nothing, who didn’t care about money and was just dying to trade Serie A for the glory of a title tilt in Scotland? Was that an oversight on our part do you think, or am I just being sarcastic? Do you need to guess?)

Because I’ll tell you something, I am delighted with our signings. Delighted.

The window shuts with our business done early, and done well, and done in a manner which has already put points on the board.

Let nobody kid you on about who “won” this battle. Our early signings slotted into the team and made a big difference, helping us close the gap, giving the whole club a huge lift.

The final day ends with another club making the headlines for a bling signing who by his own admission isn’t even going to be fit for Wednesday night. He says he could make it for the weekend.

Ha! That will be interesting to see; a player who has not kicked a ball in anger since November making himself available for a blood and thunder game at the end of this week.

Today’s papers will be all about that signing.

Ignore them, and all their lofty predictions.

He may or may not do them a turn for the duration of his deal but the hard fact is that by the time he even gets up to speed the league race might be in our hands instead of theirs.

That will be because we spent early, we put in the hard yards over weeks and months of planning and it has paid off. We didn’t do a desperate last minute scramble in a panic near the end.

Since signing, Maeda has scored in a critical game. Hatate has scored in a critical game.

Riley put in a sterling performance against Hearts and then against Utd at the weekend.

That is the very definition of your signings hitting the ground running. Since the deals for the Japanese were completed our rivals, who sold a key player, have shipped four points.

But the press will tell you that their window produced the goods, whilst we were left stranded in their slipstream.

Anyone who believes that is a mug.

They can claim the marquee if that makes them feel good, but our new boys have already produced on the park, and that’s a stone cold fact however the hacks might want to let their imaginations run away with them.

In time, I reckon the record will reflect that it was Celtic who did the better business, and who brought in the more effective footballers. And it won’t be too long until that’s clear to all involved in the game here.

For the first time in ages, we did it right.

We have the better squad now. We have the better manager. We are moving in the right direction as a club.

They are making it up as they go along.

We are set for an exciting end to the season and we are confident of victory.

They are terror-stricken at the prospect of defeat.

The euphoria over winning the back-page war will last only as long as it takes for them to turn up at Celtic Park tomorrow night … and then it will die on the lips of their fans as our new boys, and the others Ange has brought in, complete the turnaround and put us top.

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  • Jack says:

    That’s what I hope Aaron ramsay is a good player but if his tools are blunt he will find spl a lot harder than he ever thought he will get allthe protection from biased refs but he will be respected by players and that means no quarter given and I don’t think his body will take it 31 still young enough but is his body

  • Kyogos Dream Team says:

    PUMP them ramorra, same Motherwell Sun & we’re 4 pts clear! This puts the FILTH RIGHT UP AGAINST IT playing the Mini Huns where hopefully ‘Soapy’ Soutar duz a Jones & fires iin a 25 yarder against Widden Legs McGrunter lol! They’re aw oor the Fukin place, bak where they were March 2020 where they COULDNY BEAT FUK AW WHAHAHAHAHA!!

  • Jim says:

    For me, a victory on Wednesday is critical to demonstrate what progress has been made.
    We all know about THAT LOT and their sharp practices, but we need to get over this psychological hurdle of beating them.
    Massive game.

  • Dora says:

    Another almighty gamble from sevco, the Malmo one backfired in their face, paying huge wages to the likes of lungstrom to win the league and that gamble looks like it’s going the same way and now Ramsey which could be another howler, if only sevco wore red..!

  • Bob (original) says:

    Sevco going for the ‘Tore Andre Flo’ effect – but instead of paying £12M they get a loan deal. 🙂

    To be fair, IF Ramsey can play for most of the remainder of the season that’s no bad thing for Scottish football. A rather big IF though.

    Don’t think it will radically change Sevco’s season, but they have certainly got a boost for tomorrow night…even if Ramsey just sits on the bench.

    He’ll sell a few shirts and the English media will show some initial interest at Ibrox.

    But, I’m happy with our low key – young – and keen players we have brought in so far.

    • Roonsa says:

      If that loan-deal helps them win the League then it gets them into the Champions League group stages. There is a a lot riding on this Bob. If we don’t win the League I can guarantee you a lot of our fans will be asking why we didn’t do more in January. We just have to hope that our signings stay fit and do the business for us.

      • Jake Hansen says:

        Why we didn’t do more? We signed four first team players. That’s never happened before. In fact I think you’d be hard pressed to find any club anywhere that signed four first team players in a January window.

  • Seppington says:

    I’d be willing to bet that members of the Ayebrokes board will already have been doon the bookies putting huge bets on him not playing more than 5 games for them. Gotta have a backup plan to keep the lights on if Timmy takes his title back!

  • Roonsa says:

    We’ve done the bling thing as well. Tommy Gravesen didn’t work out as we all know but some great stories floating around about what a nutjob he is. These things work out or don’t. Them grabbing the headlines is what they are all about – if it keeps the mutants happy and sells papers then most times that is all it will amount to.

    On the other hand, I would hardly say I am delighted with our business. Again, it could work out – it might not. We just have to wait and see. You need to keep an Ange-like calm head on your shoulders and focus on the next game. We win that, game on. That’s ALL there is to it.

    Enjoy (hopefully)

    • Jake Hansen says:

      You don’t remember the Willow Flood window, do you?

      You’re hardly delighted with four first team players in a January window? Have a nap.

  • David Tolmie says:

    Even if its a draw when we have all the Squad fit and Chris Jullien is for me the 6th signing were in the driving Seat,but a win will end them a Dodgy Display at Home the clan will pile on the pressure. HH

  • Mark B says:

    Correct for the first time in ages we had a better window. Next window I want to see more aerial power to help defend and attack set pieces and crosses. A tall CH LB and DM are top of the list for me.

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