Tom Rogic Was Quite Right To Remind People That The Last Decade Belonged To Celtic.

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Yesterday, after the game, Tom Rogic got one of those questions that seems to follow us around this season, one of those stupid ones asked by someone who wants to confirm his or her own prejudices and write a negative story about us.

On Sky Sports, he was asked if this Celtic team can handle the pressure of being top. We had gotten there on Wednesday night, gone to a tough away ground and brutalised the opposition.

Most of these players also won the League Cup not that long ago and got nine points in a European group including teams from Germany and Spain … and that’s what he was asked.

And his answer was pure brilliance, one that silenced the questioner in a second and reminded him of a fact too many of these clowns seem to have forgotten; we are this decade’s dominant club in Scotland and he played a starring role in that as did our captain.

Pressure? We’ve had it all season long and for years before that.

The questioner probably thinks it’s valid in the context of this campaign, but I think it’s a pretty daft thing to ask. Because as I said in the piece about how this is now a battle hardened team, this is a team which has come through heavy fire just to get to the top of the table in the first place, including media criticism, injuries and most importantly, yes, pressure.

What is pressure other than knowing that your rivals had a six-point lead and that you to keep winning or virtually surrender the title challenge? That wasn’t pressure?

Cause to me it was, and we didn’t just get through it but we overcame it in fine style.

How else do these people think we got the top spot in the first place? Luck?

Our players and our manager must be sick of these inane, stupid, Ibrox-optimist questions.

And the boss man was asked one himself at the weekend … and I’ll be covering that next.

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  • Derek Duncan says:

    Certainly didn’t belong to Deaco 1872 they are 6 feet under hahahahaha

  • Seppington says:

    Serial champions do not “forget” how to win, only people/teams who rarely win can forget such things, e.g. Hoops return to the top of the pile/Sevco wobbly.
    If you forgot how to win you were never really a winner in the first place but just a chump who got lucky…

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