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Turnbull On The Way Back For Celtic But He Faces A Fight For His Place Now.

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Kyogo might still be a while away from being back, but the news that David Turnbull is almost there is great news for everyone at the club. He was performing brilliantly when he got injured and his loss has been felt right across the team.

The thing is, it’s a different Celtic squad he is stepping back into now from the one he left. Three additional midfield options are available to the manager, two of whom can do the job in his position on the pitch. Turnbull is in the fight of his life.

But he has overcome injury and competition before, of course.

He fought back bravely and brilliantly to even get his Celtic move in the first place, and he came to the club when there was some fearsome competition for his place and he secured the spot.

It’s up to every player to make himself indispensable to the manager and he did that already.

So I don’t think the challenge will bother him that much.

Indeed, I wonder if he won’t relish it instead. He will have to. His return to the squad gives Ange the kind of selection headache that any manager would want, a genuine debate over who to pick.

It will probably be a while before Turnbull is fully fit.

He isn’t just going to step back into this team without working damned hard in training, and he’s going to need a lot of games to get back up to snuff, but the manager seems optimistic that the training, at least, will start again soon.

Turnbull’s ability to come back from the injury isn’t in doubt.

Nor, I think, is his ability to get back into the first team … but it’s a tougher battle for him to do that than it has been in quite some time and that won’t just push him but the players around him too.

That should be good for the whole team.

Not just his return, but the impact it will have.

Everyone has to fight for the place in this team now … which is why we have the edge in this title race.

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