What Do Celtic Need To Produce Tomorrow? Just a Performance For The Fans.

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I do not expect Celtic to go through tomorrow evening.

Had we won the tie at Parkhead by a single goal I’d have had concerns; to lose it by two means that instead I see big flashing red lights.

On their home turf, this mob is a good team.

As I said already, we need to pretty much upend what other clubs have achieved on that ground to go through.

So what will be an acceptable outcome for most fans?

A performance I think. The team showing up and giving us a good go of it.

A win would be nice.

A win that puts us through would be exceptional, although I’d be concerned about the extra games as I have been all the way through Europe, as it became clear that this is the competition we were heading for.

Fans just want to see a better display than the one at home, where it looked for a while as if the team were total strangers who couldn’t string two passes together.

That simply won’t do in the return leg, and if all we do is better that horror show I think most people will be pleased enough, and the focus will switch to where it belongs; Easter Road.

Any kind of victory would be great.

It would settle all the chatter around the first leg, and the equilibrium around the squad would be restored again.

I think the defeat did shake us up a bit, but we battled hard against Dundee and got the three points … and that will have done wonders for everyone in the dressing room.

The fans want a performance too, of course, and we need it as well.

Although this isn’t ever going to be my favourite competition or one I would necessarily ever sacrifice a domestic treble shot for, I don’t want us knocked out by a side from Scandinavia.

It makes all the forward progress look like a mirage, and although we know it’s not it’s annoying just the same.

So a win, that would do me.

Not even one that puts us through, just one to say that the home result was a bad night at the office and nothing more. A win on their turf would be a good result, especially when you see the carnage inflicted on Roma there.

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  • James Broadley says:

    I’d be delighted with a win and not qualifying
    And it would probably benefit Celtic if them qualified against Dortmund,,but feck them ,,never ever want them to win

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