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Why Ibrox Must Be Sick About Celtic’s Potential Kieran Tierney Windfall.

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And oh how the money rolled in …

I’ll do a piece later, obviously, on Celtic’s financial returns, which were published yesterday and which are pretty astounding. The news for the clubs who see themselves as our rivals just keeps on getting worse

. Another example of that came today.

Kieran Tierney is linked to Real Madrid in a move the media suggests is worth £50 million. Let me tell you something; if Tierney goes to Spain from England that’s a conservative figure.

It’s the only part of the story that sounded unlikely to me.

Tierney is the real thing. He is a true athlete, a player who takes the job as seriously as a nuclear safety technician.

I knew that he wasn’t going to stay at Celtic long-term when I first heard him talking about how he views football as his job, and that he wants to be as good at it as he can be. He has proved that he can play at any level.

If he leaves for Spain the fee will be enormous, and we have negotiated ourselves one very sweet cut of it.

Even at that conservative £50 million, the take for Celtic would be £7.5 million. That’s a major bonus for having developed this guy and it’s a real triumph for the Academy that he’s getting such interest from a global super-club.

But it’s the financial implications which will rock Scottish football; Celtic, standing on the verge of another huge injection of cash which didn’t come from directors loans or any of that equity confetti nonsense which is the operating method of the club across town.

This is a reward for something we grew and nurtured, on top of the vast fee we already got for him.

At Ibrox they are congratulating themselves on a single deal for a youth player; the bonus we’re on the brink of for Tierney might end up bigger than what they got for Patterson and as he’s not yet an Everton first team regular a lot of the bonus payments might never find their way to the Ibrox club, far less any kind of return on a sell-on fee.

In the here and now it’s the sheer weight of it which will send shockwaves through their club.

Celtic is a money machine.

Yesterday’s figures were astounding considering that we were able to post them amidst a mammoth rebuilding job.

We can keep on growing, whilst they are forced to examine tough choices.

I will explore the theme later on today, but for now just marvel at how strong we are at the moment as this club finally wakes up and starts revving all the engines at once.

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  • Martin says:

    Ah, James you’ve fallen into the same trap as the mainstream media. At £50million, our cut would be £3.75 million. Sell on clauses are on profit, not whole sale price. I thought we’d put this to bed when we sold Edouard and the hoardes from Govan claimed we were making about 20p from the sale thanks to the PSG sell on clause.

    An easy to make error, but we must strive for accuracy.

  • Darren James Kerr says:

    Doesn’t make a lick of difference if the orcs win that Champions League cash.

    • JimBhoy says:

      You get little CL money unless you get into the group. Sevco will lose a few player end of season and will have to bring a few in.

      Celts are on the up and since late last year I feel we are treble contenders.

      • Roonsa says:

        The winners of the SPFL automatically qualify for the group stage this season. That’s been common knowledge since the start of the season.

      • Seppington says:

        Automatic entry to the groups for this year’s SPFL winners. Which is why it must be Celtic st all costs, to put the sequelfilth into the grave!

  • JimBhoy says:

    Hi James I believe we get a percentage of any value over what we got so might be 10,15,20% of the difference which could be around £25m maybe. so £2.5-5m maybe.

    I suspect we may have had a clause on appearances also so we have probably picked up a fair sum already.

    Big story of the week is Celtic’s half season earnings and profit.

  • Roonsa says:

    Celtic have been well ahead of the huns in terms of finance and bank balance since they were shat into creation 10 years ago.

    • Roonsa says:

      Unfortunately prizes are not handed out for business performance and long term viability. The huns took a fake it till you make it punt and they are current chmpions. If they win the league this season then their long term existence is virtually assured on the basis of the Champions League money.

      Celtic had an opportunity to get the 10 and effectively kick the zombies towards liquidation mk 2. Celtic failed. So I don’t really care about how much the bank balance shows. It means nothing if you put clowns like Lennon in charge to save a few sheckles.

      • Stephen McAdam says:

        Yep and he was and is a clown disgrace the accountant gave him the job first time around! Never mind ruin a Trebke TREBLE! Also that clown felt entitled last season, never want to see him near our great club again! Lennon was an utter fraud! Celtic man ha ha dont me laugh!We know our Celtic men he was never one! Never!

  • Frankie pearson says:

    The most important thing this season is to win the league and receive that massive purse of champions league money, that would surely finish them.

  • john clarke says:

    “kaddy” dembele will be 19 years old in a week. his contract concludes in May 2022. he is a fan favorite of the youngsters.
    he has a lot of upside. it would be of benefit for karamoko to polish his football intelligence under the tutelage of tommy mcintyre and ange. he is not yet a cohesive team player…he is too anxious to score himself. his strikes are often in panic and off target. easily rectified. no worries. tommy and ange can solve this very quickly. he is taller than Maradona. nowhere near as good,YET! FIFA must revisit the rules on legit tackles. not long ago tackles from behind were outlawed…now refs allow them? in another year Kaddy could be a more valuable player for Celtic or another club.

  • john clarke says:

    i have a suggestion for Kaddy and the club. could the club consider (Michael Nicholson and Ange for starters) a loan agreement for Kaddy to join a Japanese J1 or J2 club for one year. alternatively a player exchange with a promising young player to the youth academy.
    Kaddy could hone his football IQ as an assistant/trainee coach with the Japanese club’s youth team whilst playing. one of lower ranked J1 teams would be perfect. he needs lots of game time when his ankle is healed. i think he will draw a lot of youngsters to his team games.
    my objective is to keep Kaddy with Celtic FC for a few years or more as a fairly regular firsts player…. his future in football is for him to decide. his injury has saddened many Celtic fans.

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