Ibrox’s Latest Ramsey Injury News Has Shocked … Well, Nobody Really!

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So today Van Bronckhorst shocked exactly nobody except the Ibrox commercial and accounting departments and the directors who this week were asked to pony up £1 million for player’s wages, when he confirmed that Aaron Ramsey will not feature tomorrow, even as a substitute, because he is, once again, out injured.

Who could possibly have seen this coming, eah?

Not the mainstream hacks who drooled over this signing like it was the Second Coming.

Not the Ibrox fans who threw themselves headlong into debates over who in the last 20 years in Scottish football has been a bigger name? (Joe Hart, as this blog was quick to point out.) Nobody but … us?

Can it really be that only Celtic fans were savvy enough to recognise this for what it was? An expensive gamble with only a small chance of success? And by success I mean a handful of games in which he plays some sort of decisive role?

Ramsey has barely kicked a ball in anger for nearly two years.

We look at Christopher Jullien, back in training now for a couple of months and still nowhere near sharp enough to play first team football on a regular basis.

This guy, even if he never gets fit enough to play more than a handful of games at a time, is costing them £2 million in wages for three months, and he’s spent the first of those coming off the bench when he hasn’t had the treatment table all himself.

No wonder they continue to throw around shares like confetti, no wonder even some of the mainstream press are surprised at the news that they’ve gone back for more director financing just a week after Robertson was preaching that all was well.

You can only make a mug out of people for so long.

I don’t know who made a mug out of who on this deal, but I do know that Juventus are pretty happy with how it has panned out, and as Ramsey is still getting his full salary, and with all the tax free benefits of being “paid outside the UK”, he’s not bothered too much either way. Somebody has played a blinder here though and Ibrox is eating the loss.

As the great poker maxim goes, “if you can’t spot the sucker in your first hour at the table, then you are the sucker.”

They have been done up good over this deal, and they aren’t alone in looking clownish with how it’s turning out.

Our hero worshiping mainstream media looks equally foolish today.

Only our fans, thus far, have anything to crow about on this one.

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  • Funtime frankie says:

    Greatest signing since god was a boy,no genuine signings, this was just to shut the sevco mugs up, keep taking the money Rambo.

  • Dora says:

    We all chuckled when sevco made their move for ramsey, which screamed—Desperation!!
    Dodgy scotchers with a long list of doctors certs so he was never expected to spring out of the stalls, and as it’s turned out, he’s a non-runner most match days..
    Everyone bar sevco could see this coming so all that crowing not so long ago has made that most popular support look really, really stupid…AGAiN!!!
    Fking shitegobs..!

  • harold shand says:

    Even the dumbest zombies must be saying to themselves ..

    Was he brought in just stop us asking where the Patterson money went ?

  • Lordmac says:

    We can’t laugh to loud ,we got McCarthy, another who likes to lie flat out on. A table, and we must have a blind dhss doctor looking after our injured , if he made him fit for work

    • Dora says:

      Good point however, Mc Carthy wasn’t brought in to be a game changer re who tops the league but Ramsey was the greatest, game changing crock and if he manages to last half a half, that would b a miracle so I’m sorry—I’ll continue to Laugh out very load at sevco footy klub!

  • Sophie Johnstone says:

    There was plenty Celtic fans bemoaning the fact we didn’t sign him.We’ve got our fair share of gullible fans

  • SSMPM says:

    Not sure about, “You can only makes a mug out of people for so long”, when the vast majority of them have been mugs for years. If any of them individually think that they’re not a mug then…what a mug. Ramsey is doing us a favour by emptying their transfer kitty. HH

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