Only At Ibrox Could The Squandering Of £100 Million Ever Be Called “A Success Story.”

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Give any club in Scotland ten years and £100 million to spend, and I would lay odds on their having a trophy cabinet creaking under the weight of the silverware.

Would they be the dominant club in the country?

Well, they’d have had the resources to be, so they would have no excuse if it were otherwise.

That is a fantastic sum of money to spend in the context of the game here.

Gretna climbed the leagues and reached a Scottish Cup Final with a fraction of it.

There are various ways of looking at the landscape of Ibrox and that £100 million, but here’s the way that tends to be obscured through the lens of the media.

That £100 million is not, of course, total spending.

That £100 million is over and above earnings.

Earnings alone make them the second biggest club in the game here.

If you gave Aberdeen £100 million on top of earnings they would bear no resemblance to the side currently sitting ninth in the league and who’ve just sacked their manager.

Can you imagine where we’d be with an extra £100 million over the last ten years?

Can you even imagine the squad we would be able to put out?

Could we have kept top earners?

Yes, and we’d have signed more of them.

We’d be credible in Europe.

In that time Ibrox has won a single major honour; one league title.

Hearts or Hibs would have given us a run for our money on more occasions than that with a £100 million over-spend.

Yet Ibrox acclaims this as a success not because of the “achievement” itself but because of what their single title meant to us.

Even they know it is a pitiful return.

But this whole week so far the press has been writing of the “Ibrox success story.”

It’s a joke, all of it.

There is no “success story” here, merely the proof that some people will put their egos before everything else.

This entire period has drained their personal bank accounts and put the club in jeopardy; they continue to fund it because it feeds their own self image to be hailed as heroes by the Ibrox support and the slavering media.

Let’s be honest, there’s nothing sexy in being a bus salesman or running a used car business.

These people were never going to be movie stars.

But run a football club and you have a readymade stage on which to parade your own greatness, and these mugs have sunk a fortune into keeping their internal selves balanced. It is preposterous.

Smarter people laugh at this stuff.

Do you think Desmond needs to lavish money on Celtic to keep his ego intact?

That man is sufficiently secure in himself that he doesn’t need to prove who he is to anybody.

I actually wish he would piss off and hand the club over to someone who is more invested in it than he is, but I don’t want a sugar daddy and he’s never wanted to be one. Whatever our issues with him are, they aren’t related to his spending.

Ibrox’s single league title is an appalling return for such a vast overspend, and especially when you consider the resources their club has at its disposal.

They are even congratulating themselves on the appointment of Gerrard.

He won that trophy, one of only nine he competed for and he left with the job not even half-done. His appointment was a failure by every available metric except one; he gave them their one day in the sun.

But it cost them. Oh boy, it cost them.

Nearly half of that massive overspend came in the space of his first three years.

For that to deliver one trophy is abysmal, and at no other club would that be regarded as a success story.

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  • Jock says:

    NOT ONE TROPHY !!! Its farcical, embarrassing, shocking and actually humiliating for anyone associated with those , they , that brand . I get the need for employing good hardworking football people . But that is NOT WHAT IS GOING ON IN GOVAN !
    We have one load of shysters and share printers after the other . We have a third of the U.K somehow thinking gerrard won 55 trophys when everyone else was on furlough and covid lock down. So the question is do ye want ti buy some shares and was the elections stolen Donald ? There was an s on election Donnie. As all else bar you is false ? I tried to look at their fans online stuff and for sure they are all aff their heads. I hope Pedro and the board bought millions of the shares available at the ringers twenty12 , while we get to enjoy the calimty of the last Ten years aswell the next TEN YEARS .COME ON YOU BHOYS AND GHIRLS IN GREEN.

  • Bhoy4life says:

    Brooks Mileson was destroyed by the media once he had spent his 10m fortune on a dream.
    He took Gretna to heights they should never have been, the media loved him while he was puttin the cash in, once it was gone, he was a pariah, a foolish man for thinking he could by success in the game here.
    These same journos fawn over a team that has blown 100m plus income, having already gone bust previously with much the same over the last couple of decades.
    And lo and behold, their all financial geniuses…..
    The current club playing out of their will go to the wall, and yet another will rise, they’ve no reason to play with a straight bat when they get away with that, cos “the big hoose must, and will stay open” at all our costs.

  • Martin H. says:

    Deluded, this is the mob that couldn’t get out of the championship, no mention of that.

  • Thomas Dawson says:

    With That enormous sum in our bank books would it be possible to produce one or two home grown local players that may go towards justifying the title of Scottish club?

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