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Derek McInnes Hilarious Pro-Sevco Guff Could Only Be Published In The Record.

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On Saturday morning, I watched Borussia Dortmund thoroughly dismantle Union Berlin.

They were 2-0 up after 30 minutes, so you’ll gather that it really wasn’t even close at any point.

They were sublime. Everything about their performance was quality.

Our media has made much of the skills of Erling Haaland, but it was Reus who ran riot at the weekend with the first half double. I think we would give them a game right now, although they would be deadly if our defending wasn’t up to snuff.

I have little doubt that they will dispatch the club from Ibrox from Europe with an almost casual ease.

Over the weekend, The Daily Record ran with the rambling thoughts of Derek McInnes; he seems popular with them at the moment.

Clearly a man who regrets not taking on the Ibrox gig when it was offered to him, he doesn’t half talk the biggest load of guff when it comes to that club. The weekend’s effort was typical of that.

He thinks the Ibrox club cannot lose against the Germans, even if they are beaten.

In that event, he says that they will be able to focus on the league.

(Because they can’t focus properly whilst in other competitions apparently.)

But at the same time, he thinks if they go through, that morale will be so sky high that they will win the league anyway.

Apparently, in those circumstances they will be able to focus on the league after all.

I mean, honestly, how can he talk such contradictory bollocks without being called on it?

The Record just prints any old nonsense, as long as it has a pro-Ibrox bent, and it doesn’t matter how stupid it is.

Their club in a no-lose situation?

How about in a scenario where they get absolutely tanked home and away? If a win can boost morale to the point they win the league, isn’t it equally possible that a heavy defeat could shatter it?

I know which of those scenarios is most likely, having seen what the Germans can do.

I think it’s fair to say that if McInnes has watched them he did it with his eyes shut.

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