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A Superb Celtic Performance Sets Up The Semi-Final All Of Us Wanted.

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A superb Celtic performance tonight has set up the semi-final match that all of us wanted. This club is ready for that game. We could play it right now, I reckon, and be well confident of winning.

It is the perfect draw for other reasons, which I’ll get to soon.

But first, let’s talk about tonight.

That was a superb Celtic display; it was disciplined, aggressive, committed and we got the first goal at the right time. I said earlier that the line-up looked as if we were going for an early strike and we got it.

This team is motoring. We looked at the very top of our game tonight.

Everyone was excellent, but I thought that the midfield was exceptional, and in particular Callum McGregor.

Hatate also looked brilliant in the first half; with the way he plays it was a smart move to substitute him, as Beaton would have looked for any excuse to show him a second yellow.

I’ll cover Beaton and that dire decision of his tomorrow. It’s a goal. I am just not going to discuss it in any detail tonight, save to say what all of us know.

Congratulations to Giakoumakis, because he looks as good as I’ve seen him since he signed.

There was not spectacular about his goals tonight; they were typical striker’s goals. The man is starting to come onto a game and will only keep improving.

The irony is that he might hit form just as Kyogo comes back into the team … what a decision the boss will face.

The draw is the one we wanted because we have a chance to end Ibrox’s season in the space of two fixtures and I reckon we will.

There’s another reason, and it’s a much more personal one. If we get to the final that day will belong entirely to Celtic, without their poison spoiling what will be a momentous occasion for Ange and this team.

We earned that semi-final place tonight with a performance that, coming so soon after Livingston, shows that this side is back to its relentless best. We were missing key players again tonight and you barely noticed their absence at all.

We are well on course for this treble now, folks.

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  • Lordmac says:

    There was one fault in our play tonight and it came through Taylor’s short back passing he is getting starfelt a kicking and. He had maeda take a sore on with a long the line with his shy throws but great.result this does not. Happen on carters side. Of the park

  • larsson7 says:

    Beaton is a cheat.terrible display of refereeing,I actually thought he smirked at one point
    Celtic have to complain,but I will not hold my breath.

  • jrm63 says:

    The pitch was bad, atrocious in fact. Agree on Callum. Utd never threatened at all. But the passing was erratic in the extreme. Superb it was not

  • Roonsa says:

    Were Celtic superb? I didn’t see it. We were easily too good for United but that’s not saying too much. I thought much of the link-up play in the final 1/3rd could have been a lot sharper. I am still not convinced about Maeda and I thought Jamesie didn’t look 100% fit.

    Still, it was an easy win and bring on the huns in the semi. That will be …. “interesting”.

    • Scud Missile says:

      Well that post doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence to take on the tramps from ibrox.
      Mr doom and gloom.

      • Roonsa says:

        I didn’t know you were hanging on my every word, Scudders. All I am saying is that I think to say we were superb last night was a bit of a stretch given the quality of the opposition – we should have taken 7 off that lot and I stand by what I say as regards the link up play.

        The first goal was well worked but 2 and 3 were scrappy efforts gifted to us. I am glad we now have a player who can stick those ones away but Maeda should have scored. There was one where he was through and then lost his footing – it was quite comical – it looked as though he shit himself in the run up and totally lost control of his legs as a result.

        As for doom and gloom, nonsense. We can do this mob 3 times out of the 3 we still have to play them. I am not saying we will but I think we are good enough to do it. I hope Kyogo is back though. All I really care about it the League. If we take 4 out 6 in the two League matches, it’s a a done deal. Put a monkey on it.

        • Scud Missile says:

          Your beginning to sound like a mad sevco fan with no brain biting like that.
          Nobody is hanging off anything you say the paranoia is pouring out you just now and the semi final ain’t even here yet.

          • Roonsa says:

            Hmmmmm. Right-o. Dunno where that came from but best of luck to you Scudders. I wish you well.

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