Ange Thinks Celtic Are Hitting Their Training Peak At The Right Time In The Campaign.

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Ange said yesterday at his presser that he thinks the training is better this week that at any time since he took over. This is music to our ears. Finally, all the pieces are falling into place at just the right time in the campaign.

This is the business end of the season, the point where titles are won and lost.

The number of games left has fallen into single digits. We have the lead, but it’s a narrow lead. We have Ibrox to visit before the split. But this is very much in our hands.

What you want to see at this point in the season is that the team is hungry and determined and ready to give itself one last push to get over the line. That’s what Ange is seeing right now.

With players coming back from injury added to the mix, you just get the feeling that things are now starting to decisively tip our way.

Nobody at Celtic will be taking anything for granted.

Nobody at Celtic will be leaving anything to chance.

But all involved radiate confidence at the moment. All involved seem focussed and sure of where we’re headed. Above all else, Ange is now in complete control of this vision and everyone at the club is buying into it and this must be reflected in the sessions at Lennoxtown where they all see the sense in his directions and instructions.

To be honest, you never felt – at any point – that people weren’t supporting the manager or the changes he wanted to make. But there was still going to be a period of adjustment, a period when things weren’t quite operating as he wanted them to.

If those days are behind us, if this team is now fully used to the manager and his systems then we are in for one wild ride to the end of this campaign.

And when it ends we’re all going to be very, very satisfied by the results.

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