Another Manager Loses To Celtic And Gives Us No Credit At All.

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I don’t expect any manager to enjoy losing. None of them do.

I don’t expect any manager to come out in the aftermath of a tight game and praise the opposition whilst offering no credit to his own side. That would be barmy. But I expect a little mutual respect.

I expect that when you dominate a match to the extent we did last night that the opposition manager at least tries to reflect reality when he talks to the press in the aftermath of it.

What is it with managers this season looking to downplay everything we do? Have we won a single match where the opposing boss came out and said “You know what? Well done to Celtic today, they were simply too good for us”?

Not Stephen Robinson last night.

He thought we were fortunate. With nearly 80% possession. Really, that’s what he said.

Our goals were “ricochets” and they deserved more because of how well they defended.

Over and over managers who have been beaten by Celtic this season have trotted out that dire line that there is merit in putting eleven men behind the ball.

That’s a tactic so basic that any coach with a badge can do it.

It requires no talent whatsoever to tell defenders to pack a penalty area, but in Scotland we seem to have elevated it to the point of High Art. No team which plays like that deserves anything except to be beat, and if they are well beat then all the better.

It might inspire some of them to play football next time.

If Robinson thinks that the only team to show up on the night with actual attacking play in mind didn’t deserve to win then he needs to hear a clear message from his own fans that it’s just not on.

The media certainly won’t.

They keep banging on about how we still look vulnerable at the back and then dole out praise for teams which steadfastly refuse to test the theory and play against us in the hope of holding out and snatching a 0-0 draw.

Robinson ought to have acknowledged the reality of the game.

They were, he said “comfortable out of possession.”

That is the antithesis of what football is supposed to be about.

If this poor man’s Mourinho thinks that’s worth commendations he’s wrong.

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  • john clarke says:

    When a team crowds the goal area. Blast the ball into their legs, chest or face and you might get a deflection into the goal or an advantageous rebound. Players react slow when a fast ball is moving into their chest or face, from close range. All school kids know that. Celtic’s deflections were intentional. That’s clever football. Stop winging.

  • Funtime frankie says:

    If you get a packed area you are certainly going to get deflections, as long as we keep winning we don’t need to care what the opposing manager thinks, the team happy,the manager happy, and the fans happy happy days.

  • Pan says:

    He is not the correct man for St Mirren. The correct man stupidly took the job at Aberdeen.

  • Stewart says:

    We have another 9 games of this to go except miby going to ibrokes,, they’ve got to hava go there,, other sides at especially little tight parks we have got to find away through this mentality of opposition set up,,can be very frustrating to watch and its even more to play against,

  • john clarke says:

    I may as well tell Mr Robinson a secret. The Japanese are brilliant at the
    intentional billiard shot into the net and Kyogo is one of the best. The Celtic fans love Kyogo’s billiard goals. Sensei Kyogo has been teaching his team mates how and when to play it. Tom being an Aussie has no finesse at all and just blasts away hoping for the best. CalMac is a fast learner and will soon be a Sensei.

  • SSMPM says:

    Who cares what he thinks, more importantly what he says. Livi, the plastic pitch and a hun supporting manager next. In fairness they are doing alright atm, playing well and on a good run. However despite that I expect the usual parked bus with the odd, more intrusive counter threat from them than Saints offered. Wee brother Al Forrest is showing some good offensive form and will present some danger. Best thing we can do is reverse our recent go slow, start on the b of the bang, and get an early 2/3 goal lead. We won’t get a pat on the back from Livi’s manager either when we win, and this goes back to the earlier point, who cares. C’mon Hoops

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