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Another Weekend Where Celtic Fans Marvel At The BBC’s “Editorial Standards”.

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Over the weekend, as everyone knows, Tom English was forced, by Celtic, into a grovelling climb-down over a nasty little Tweet he had put up concerning our Shane Warne condolence message.

He claimed that the BBC told him to take it down because it did not meet their “editorial standards.”

That was welcome news, but somewhat surprising.

Because most Celtic fans didn’t even realise that the BBC still had “editorial standards” when it comes to Scotland and sport.

Those who tuned in for their abysmal show last night would have seen a sterling example of that. A studio with three ex-Ibrox players in it, poring over Celtic’s goals and suggesting that two of them should have been chopped off.

You look at a panel like that and you wonder, “Did nobody notice that it’s hopelessly slanted and even biased? Or did everyone notice, and nobody cared?”

Your next thought, when you listen to them, is “Ricky Foster is really keeping Michael Stewart off the telly? Who in the Hell authorised that?”

The same people, presumably, who think that the only qualification you need to talk about football in Scotland is that you once played in an Ibrox jersey.

There are so many of them on the payroll now that the corporation should simply relocate its sports department to that stadium. For a club and a company perpetually in the huff with each other, there sure are a lot of links between them.

I often wonder if the whole “public argument” isn’t a little bit of theatre to hide the fact that their PR teams are essentially singing off the same song sheet.

BBC Scotland is so nakedly pro Ibrox that it doesn’t even attempt to hide it anymore.

Barry Ferguson is the latest former footballer who played at the ground to find himself in a soft seat on the BBC Sport Scotland commentary team; it’s absurd to pretend that this organisation is capable of objectivity when so many of its employees lean one way.

It is high time Celtic fans boycotted that after-match farce they show.

It has become brazenly partisan, brazenly negative towards whatever we do.

That “panel” last night was an outrage.

When you think of Michael Stewart sitting home watching that you could understand it if he was a bit pissed off.

Because I was pissed off. I’m sure I wasn’t alone.

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  • Scud Missile says:

    Lol Sportscene I have seen more life in a mortuary than what comes from that TV studio.

  • Smokey says:

    Spot on James.. exactly my thoughts on last nights
    show though show is entirely wrong word.
    Biased opinions from 3 ex Sevco players and what is Ricky Foster like …maybe the BBC should give him a few tips on how to dress properly…looked as though he was shoveling s..t instead of talking it

  • Bob (original) says:

    Well, at least the BBC is consistent: consistently underwhelming.

    Apart from the occasional well-received period drama or nature programme, it’s simply not worth watching – or paying for.

    …and don’t get me started on the BBC News output. 🙁

    The BBC is a bit like the Ibrox club: surviving on an historical reputation – deserved or not.

  • SSMPM says:

    The newspapers and State TV channels such as bbc are offering only one propaganda version of carefully selected and edited incidents for the promotion of their majority hun citizen viewers. It makes it clear the type of country we are governed and live in.
    Its clear as day to me that loyalist editors, presenters and guest panellists of that show are trying to influence the football authority figures with their corrupt and warped selective edits. I don’t want to sound too paranoid but it may yet work. I’m running out of TV channels to watch my club’s away games of football objectively. With only eight games left we’ll do it if we win games convincingly, taking the decision making out of the hands of the corrupted’s sphere of influence. Eight games to replace the look of envy with that warped smile of hatred. HH

  • harold shand says:

    Derek McInnes , Kenny Miller , Richard Foster , Kevin Thompson , Alex Rae , Andy Halliday , Steven Naismith , Charlie Adam , Billy Dodds

    All currently employed by other clubs , but seem to spend a lot of time on the BBC and other media outlets cheerleading a certain club

    and it ain’t the club that’s paying their wages

  • Charlie Green says:

    Celtic team should declare themselves “Trans”. That way they would get BBC support.

  • John S says:

    With their editing, comments and analysis there is clearly an Agenda and that should not be the case at a publicly funded broadcaster.

  • Scouse bhoy says:

    They ceased to exist leaving behind a shameful mountain of debt. We will never ever let them forget that true fact.

  • John says:

    On the plus side it was great to watch their obvious pain when we took care of Livvy when they fully expected us to fail there again. HH

  • Joseph Mcaleer says:

    Sportscene is an irrelevant little show, not worth watching.

    • Bemused says:

      Shameful show on Sunday. Are rangers fans the only ones who pay a licence fee? How can a national broadcaster have a panel exclusively of ex rangers players and a match commentator.
      Who is responsible for this fiasco of a show where at least two panelists are very poor at their job. Mr Miller at least has some analysing ability.
      The focus of celebrating football in Scotland is lost to petty referee bashing when involved with Celtic and usually ignoring disputed calls by their favourite sons. I’m bemused how this goes on week after week.

  • Peter Cassidy says:

    3rd rate show with 3rd rate pundits all hurting that the rangers 2012 not doing to well what if celtic win the leauge its in our hands they will be distraught lovely.

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