Ange’s Brutal Slap-Down Of Dire BBC Hack Shows How Much The Celtic Boss Has Learned.

Image for Ange’s Brutal Slap-Down Of Dire BBC Hack Shows How Much The Celtic Boss Has Learned.

Before the game last night, Kenny McIntyre tried to force the words “Old Firm” into the mouth of the Celtic boss. After it, he moved in for his after match interview and asked the kind of question we’ve come to expect from him.

Ange did not hold back.

He knows who – he knows what – McIntyre is and the boss gave it to him with both barrels.

McIntyre, the self-declared Ibrox fan, can have his wee moan on Twitter and say that he was right to ask his bitter question, but Ange was right to give it to him in a way that makes clear to us all just how much the boss now knows the truth about some in the media here.

Macintyre asked him “That was a hard watch at times – is that fair?”

Ange hit back. “It depends what you’re looking for – maybe you’re disappointed with the way it went, mate.”

Which was just the absolutely perfect response.

It took him a while, but Ange has his list now.

To quote the famous song, he knows who’s been naughty and he knows who’s been nice. He knows who in the press corps is capable of acting like a professional and who you cannot trust at all.

McIntyre, since declaring himself, has barely retained a fragment of his professionalism; as I said in an earlier article on him and the BBC as a whole, it’s as if he thinks that now we know what he is – as if there was ever any doubt – he can simply ditch even the appearance of neutrality and do as he likes. And Ange has twigged to this.

There were a lot of answers Ange could have given to that question last night, but he wanted to get his own point across about McIntyre and he did that.

He sent a very clear message about how he sees the way the national broadcaster and others cover him.

He has learned a lot in a short time has Ange.

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  • Scud Missile says:

    I have said it before Mckintyre is your typical nickel&dime amateur journalist.
    He is that DENSE he hasn’t even caught on to the fact big Ange has sussed him out.
    Mckintyre is the same as Boyd and the rest of the sevco klan, he thinks he is being clever with his approach to questions and thinking he is being fly and funny,with him being as thick as he is he thinks people are laughing with him and not realising they are laughing at him.
    Mckintyre never seems to get the bottle up to ask Gio Fanny the heavy duty questions he puts to the Celtic manager for fear from the klan and the backlash.

  • smokey says:

    Spot on ” Scud Missile”!
    Mcintyre trying to be fly with our manager and put in his place by Ange………
    he sure does have fear from the klan if he asks GVB similar loaded questions

  • REBELLIOUS says:

    Thanks, enjoyed it, that’s a good piece James, I hope Ange has a ‘list’ as you say because there’s plenty more like McIntyre in the ranks of the useless sports media in Scotia that are blue as blue can be.
    I read elsewhere on McCuttaway, and he reckons Ange was NOT consulted about the ‘homecoming tour’ but doesn’t state why he thinks that.
    I’ve no reason to think that he wasn’t consulted and when considering what the tour is about, I think he almost certainly WAS consulted. In fact, for all we know it may well have been his idea, we simply do not know enough atm.
    Anything that puts money into that lots coffers is a non-starter for me, including this.
    The board NEED their collective mind’s rebooted because it wasn’t that long ago that the iboaks mob were running ILLEGAL PAYING methods to try and emulate Celtic’s NIAR.
    Q. Where was 1872’s loyalty to the OF brand then??
    Although we All know that, have the board forgotten??
    So why are the board doing as they are? MONEY end of.
    Celtic FC are no longer a club of the people, they have shown us all many, many times.
    Yet, because we love the club, the board think they can do stuff like this farcical tour.
    They would gladly have buried us has the roles been reversed but we roll over and take it again, n again….
    That’s not good for anyone, unless you follow follow sevco.

  • Roonsa says:

    Apropos of hee haw, McIntyre’s brother is a musician and released an album in the early 00s under the Mull Historical Society moniker. It’s pretty good, check it out.

    As for Kenny, what a cock-end. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing when he said that. But he knew not to push it once Ange cut him off and put him in his place.

    Uber pwnage, sucka fool!

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