Celtic Can Go Six Points Clear Tomorrow And You’d Never Know It From The Press.

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Tomorrow we can move six points clear in the title race. I say that because you wouldn’t know it to read the mainstream media, who only want to talk about Ibrox’s march in Europe, a march that most of them know will end in defeat.

Don’t let any of them kid you on that a moral victory matters here; all that matters here is who wins this title and gets their hands on that cold, hard Champions League cash.

They know this, but they are trying desperately to deflect attention from it.

The reason for that is obvious; they know that the last thing Ibrox needed was two more games to fit in, and that two more might turn into four more considering the calibre of opposition they have fortuitously managed to come up against in the draw.

Four more games will annihilate any hope they have of sustaining this challenge. We will still have to do our own jobs here, but with regular rests between games we’ll be raring to go whilst they struggle to keep pace with the fixture list. We have a bigger squad. We have a better squad. We are far more prepared for these remaining games than they will be.

Moving six points clear tomorrow puts them under do-or-die type pressure, and it’s the sort that they don’t deal with well. They beat Dundee in the cup last weekend, but the game on Sunday is a different order of magnitude entirely for them if we win against Ross County and win well. The slightest slip and they know it could be over.

We squandered our last chance to put them under the gun, when we could only draw with Hibs. But in front of our home crowd, knowing they are away the next day, we should be able to secure three points with relative ease.

The press doesn’t want to talk about that because the press only talks about pressure when it’s happening to us. But this time it is happening to them and the media not discussing it does not change that one bit.

If we win, they have to win. Because otherwise we’re rolling into Ibrox with a lead that gives us a cushion even if we lose that game, and I don’t believe for one minute that we will anyway.

To leave Ibrox with a six-point lead – or more – would bring this race to a swift end.

Callum McGregor nailed it last night when he said that this is the business end of the campaign, when everything is won and lost. Win tomorrow and there are just seven games to go.

If they drop anything on Sunday, they might as well chuck it and “focus on Europe.”

I cannot wait to read those ridiculous headlines when they come, as they are sure to.

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  • James Cullen says:

    The media never press any pressure or hard questions on the mordor club.
    They don’t want to increase the pressure…..and they don’t want to know the hard answers because the mordor mob will lie and maintain all well over there.
    The truth is, like it’s been stated before, the orcs were played into the ground but benefited from a lucky deflection to effectively end Red Stars hopes.
    The chances red star squandered were woeful, and I hope we get as many chances on April 3rd.
    Meantime we have a team up for the win….but they’ll not get it handed to them by anyone.
    They’ve got to win it and it’s one game at a time.
    Our manager knows this, and our captain and players know it too.
    The fanzine known as the press and media, are trying everything to get Hatate banned and will try more….because they are bricking it.
    If we can win our next three games it’s a minimum 6 point lead come the split…..and given our goal difference, we would need to lose 3 of the remaining five games…o e of which is against the tribute act at paradise.
    McGhee will, I hope, have taken pointers from last weeks game and should be more ready for them at Dens on Sunday……so I hope the Dundee guys can take something from the game.

    Meantime, one game and one win at a time… to our potential….give 150% and fight for EVERY ball….and the rest should be gravy.

    Hail Hail

  • Bob (original) says:

    It’s our title to lose.
    We have the squad to win every game to season end.

    Let sevco go all the way to the EL final – as long as they get humped in the final. 🙂

    Keep our heads down, ignore the SMSM p!sh and collect the wins.

    And who will get the blame at Ibrox for losing the title? Fun times ahead.

    • Malc says:

      Not for me Bob, over 90 minutes anything can happen. Like England in the Euros final, thank Christ Italy did the job. Let them get pumped in the Semis, that would suit me fine.

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