Celtic Needs To Investigate This Hampden Ticket Story And End This Scourge For Good.

Image for Celtic Needs To Investigate This Hampden Ticket Story And End This Scourge For Good.

How difficult can it be, in the modern age, to get to the bottom of the story which has popped up online today?

Tickets for the semi-final are on sale on a tout website at massive mark-ups.

Those tickets are like gold-dust. Celtic sent out its emails yesterday and I presume the Ibrox club has done the same.

So how did those tickets get to the market?

This is not a difficult thing to figure out.

Each ticket corresponds to a numbered seat.

So Celtic or someone close to the club should purchase one of those tickets and then make it their business to trace it to a source. There are only three possible conduits into the marketplace; Celtic, the Ibrox club or Hampden itself.

Finding out who was allocated that ticket should be as easy as pie, and Celtic must demand – demand – that it is done.

This goes on all the time. And the solution to it isn’t even hard.

By my way of thinking, if this can’t be solved then that means that someone close to the organisations or even in them is in on the scam and that person or persons should be found and fired.

This isn’t the first time that has happened lately, and there needs to be a major investigation into how it has happened here.

If that ticket was part of a batch given to one of the clubs then the clubs can easily find out who had it in their possession last. If the batch was reserved for Hampden then it’s their job to find out where these tickets originated.

But it’s somebody’s responsibility, and Celtic should be moving heaven and earth to find out what happened and where these tickets came from.

To say that the clubs don’t know and Hampden doesn’t know is absolutely untenable when every ticket is for an individual seat. Someone knows. Someone sold those tickets to the scalpers.

And that someone – whether at Ibrox, Parkhead or Hampden – needs to be found.

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  • George says:

    They don’t care they do not listen and as you say they can find out with no problems shocking it should be 50/50 and that’s it not going to loyal friend of a friend that don’t go football games apart from Celtic and rangers playing shocking ??

    • MAGUA says:

      There is of course another possibility…namely that the tickets on this site are forgeries.

      Hail Hail.

  • JoeKSG says:

    Not relevant to this but in the 1990’s when I was a steward at Celtic Park (in the jungle as it happens) I witnessed as I was leaving after game a guy, one who I recognised as an employee at the club, with a wad of tickets apparently selling some of them to a couple guys. I noticed that there were other guys hanging about looking shifty (in my eyes) and who I thought might be waiting their turn. The tickets could only have been for the next game which was against rangers ‘the first’ and the only all ticket match around the time. No mobile phones to capture the moment back then.

  • John S says:

    I think there is a legal problem with football tickets. Concert tickets and the like are non-transferrable but I don’t think this applies to football.

  • Brian Warwick says:

    Debenture blocks owned by a certain rangers leaning company sll these for every event that takes place at Hampden.

    PM me if you would like then intel

  • Mark says:

    Mate pipe down trying to slag and blame Celtic fans. Most of the hampden south ( main ) stand is debenture seats with the holder having first refusal on any major event. This is where the vast majority of resale tickets come from at this venue. I know strictly speaking it’s not legal but if someone has punted a fortune to be a debenture holder then I guess it’s reasonable for them to recoup and yes profit. No one is holding a gun at fans heads to buy them. Your way off the mark slagging Celtic fans for this , there is no substantial resale of tickets issued by Celtic directly even for the biggest games . Seville etc . Sure a few bawbags but nothing substantial . There’s enough Celtic banging ( fans and club) for mainstream . Don’t need unsubstantiated stuff like this

    • James Forrest says:

      Who is your post a reply to? Me?

      Where in it do you see me blaming Celtic fans? I’ve asked for an investigation, and if you don’t think there should be one you’re howling at the moon.

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