Celtic Player Asked Ridiculous Questions About Transfer Rumours Whilst On International Duty.

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Why in God’s name was the media asking Juranovic about a potential transfer out of Celtic whilst he was away representing his country?

Did Keith Jackson sneak in with a forged passport and a foreign press card?

Are these normal questions for a player to get asked?

Everyone, everywhere, loses their shit during the international break. Everyone needs stories to write. Some fish for them, by asking loaded questions to which they hope they’ll get controversial answers.

In this case that’s exactly what they didn’t get.

Juranovic is not only happy at Celtic but loving it at Celtic. He said, furthermore, that only one person has the answers in relation to his place at the club; the manager, Ange Postecoglou. I like this big guy and the way he handles himself in front of the press. He says all the right things about our club, the coaching, the playing style and the boss.

And you can tell that he loves playing in front of 60,000 fans.

He’s an honest guy too, as he proved earlier in the week when he admitted that the move to Celtic left him sceptical initially and not because we’re not a big club but because he thought that we might be on the downslope rather than moving forward.

“When I arrived in Glasgow I was a little sceptical, especially since the team won nothing last season. However, on the first day, the coach approached me and said, ‘This is a new Celtic, I want you in it.’ He automatically brought a smile to my face,” he said.

The relationship between manager and player is a vital one and it’s clear that Ange immediately made him feel at home … and he hasn’t looked back.

It was inevitable that the big chap would be linked with other clubs, even though he’s not even been at Celtic for a year.

It’s also inevitable that he will move on at some point, but that’s way off and especially if we win this title and get to the Groups of the Champions League, where a player like him can show off the full array of his talent.

In the meantime, questions about his future are as unwelcome as they are pathetic.

The player is just in the door, and it seems that some folk can’t wait to move him on.

These folk represent everything that is wrong with football at the moment.

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