Celtic Should Capitalise On Russia’s Football Ban By Grabbing Jordan Larsson.

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No-one ever feels good about taking advantage of a crisis.

Not unless they are sociopathic.

But at a time like that it helps to be dispassionate and to realise that we’re in a ruthless business where not everyone will have scruples or preserve the niceties.

Russian football is in deep, deep crisis as the war with Ukraine rages.

Forget geopolitics.

Forget whether you agree that the whole of Russian society should pay for the grotesque crimes of its leader.

Deal with the reality of what’s happening rather than what you might think is right or fair.

The crisis exists. The question is, can we make it work for us?

Because, as I said, we’re in a ruthless business here where every advantage is preyed upon by someone and if you don’t want to do it you are basically fighting with one hand tied behind your back.

Russian football clubs are going to lose every one of their foreign players.

Our responsibility is to ourselves. Normally we might not be able to afford these guys; this is a unique moment where we can take full advantage and we should do so.

One of the players who will be available is Jordan Larsson.

We know that he is quality. We have looked at signing him. He was on the summer shortlist. We are aware of his abilities and the famous name would bring the fans onboard instantly.

The only question as to whether we should do it or not would concern the manager; is this the kind of footballer he would want at the club? Would Jordan Larsson fit into his plans?

The question should be put to Ange. And if he likes it we should strongly consider it.

From all reports, Larsson might well be able to simply walk away from his contract.

He will certainly have other offers. From Germany. From France. From Italy. From Holland. Perhaps from England and Spain. We must make him one. This is the best chance we’ll get.

And we should be watching for other foreign players in Russia too; there are bound to be a few who would enhance our squad in some way. Available possibly for free, or for minimal sums.

Yes it is ruthless. Yes is it exploitative.

But Hell, we’re in a tough business with England as our next door neighbour and if we get a chance to sign players on low fees (or for no fees) who would otherwise cost us tens of millions of pounds, can we really afford to turn that down out of some sense of principle?

Russian football is a victim of a lunatic political class … and to be blunt, that political class has a financial stake in many of the clubs so I feel no sympathy towards them if ourselves and others are seen as looters rampaging through their teams.

Consider this our small contribution to the cause of the Ukrainians if you like.

Jordan Larsson is a quality player.

He would normally cost us a fortune.

We should ask the manager if he’d like to have him in the squad and then reach out and make it happen.

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  • Roonsa says:

    If he is worth tens of millions of pounds then he will required to be paid as much as a payer of that value would normally be paid. I reckon Celtic would be way down his list of choices. Nice idea. I say just stick with Ange’s plan.

  • Bod says:

    Regardless whether it is a ruthless business or not, for me personally even thinking of raiding Russian clubs of their players/assets at this moment in time does not sit well. Leave the vulture like behaviour for the institution based in Govan. They are more experienced at picking through carrion and scraps to benefit themselves. If the player himself or his agent contacted the club personally about a move due to the current situation fine, otherwise, it’s a no for me at this time. Just my opinion though and I do get the whole “ruthless business” that surrounds today’s football. Could you imagine the smsm spin on this?

  • Bhoy4life says:

    Celtic shouldn’t capitalise on anything directly linked to sanctions created due to war in the Ukraine.
    The most disappointed I have ever been with a post on this blog.

    • Bod says:

      Totally with you on this. Shameful even to think about capitalising on what for many must be an horrific time. As I said, leave it to others unless personal contact is made.

  • prefer no name says:

    I think his contract with Spartak terminates 30 June 2023.

    Have you seen this story (8 March 2022).

    It is World Women’s Day today and Putin said “be kind to women”. The hypocrisy is galling, He is responsible for the deaths of women and children.

  • Stevie c says:

    Can’t believe what I’ve just read here, we’re already got other sites slating that mob for just that and you want to go and do the same thing . Shocking.

  • Martin says:

    I’d rather we contributed to the efforts to help Ukrainian refugees to be honest. People can’t moan about our Tory board then in the same day promote disaster capitalism.

    Sorry, this whole post stinks.

  • James Forrest says:

    I don’t care what other sites are doing. I don’t care what the other mob is advocating.

    I am not suggesting that we loot Ukraine here.

    People can stamp their feet on this as they will, but nobody has offered me a rationale reason why this is a bad idea.

    A rational reason.

    Deal with reality. Nobody is being exploited except Russian clubs owned by the very oligarchs the west is sanctioning. That’s what I’m advocating. Tell me how this is a bad for anyone but a group of pro-Kremlin billionaires?

    Instead of responding reflexively and irrationally, stop for a minute and THINK.

    Every foriegn player at a Russian club is going to be allowed to leave for free. That’s the reality. That’s not your fault or mine, it’s a fact, it’s real, it is going to happen. One of those players is Jordan Larsson.

    I have not suggested that we loot Ukranian clubs. I have not suggested that we join the war effort and bomb Russia until we get the player. A situation exists. It will exist whether we capitalise on it or not. Someone will.

    If you can give me one GOOD reason why that shouldn’t be us, I will happily accept it.

    • Stevie c says:

      Now is not the time to exploit a situation where people are being killed and displaced . Is that a good enough reason ?

      • James Forrest says:

        People are being killed in the Ukraine, not Russia.

        Explain to me how signing a footballer (or not) makes a blind bit of difference to what happens in a warzone?

        Stop being hysterical.

  • scouse bhoy says:

    i may be wrong but i think the forces of darkness were suggesting playing these players in the remaining games this season that surely would not be allowed but if the situation does not change then the start of next season would be more suitable.

  • SSMPM says:

    I guess for some they see this as a highly moral issue but not all of the players are not all in the same position. There’s more than one perspective. Morally is it right that such players should stay and play in Russia when we’re telling financial and big businesses to get out. Or should they not play again for the remainder of their contracts or for the remainder of the season. If that’s what being argued well that too seems dictatorial and immoral in itself.
    Also what about those players on loan who may also feel stranded in a country committed to genocide. If they no longer want to be there and want to return to their clubs, surely that’s right and if it is then why can’t other players on contracts. They too have families, parents, children, etc. Morals are all over the place on this one, on balance, I think I take the same stand as you James, mibbies for differing reason, mibbies not.
    If Ange wants to target players in this predicament then I support that, if not I support that too. He’s the decision maker – I hope.
    There may be an unwanted left back on his way back to Paradise soon. That’s a bummer but still I wouldn’t say to him that he needs to do the opposite of the advice to every other business and individual. HH

  • Kevin says:

    Look lads I don’t think James has said anything wrong
    Those players will go somewhere and some will stay in Russia but if anybody whats to get on high moral ground then we should Send bitton and Ababa back to Israel because of the occupation of Palestine and the war crimes they do every day.
    And by the way I love bitton the way he just plays where ever he’s asked and gives his all is brilliant

  • Iljas Baker says:

    James, I don’t think you’ve thought this through, it seems contradictory messages are being given. We don’t really know the situation of the players at all yet. Can they walk away for free? No strings attached. If so, then there’s no problem offering them a new home, helping the players out and benefitting ourselves. If we have to buy them from their clubs I say no to that. That’s not our contribution to Ukraine that’s our contribution to Russia or to Russian club owners who as far as we know support Putin. So I say in that case forego the opportunity and give the Russians nothing, it’s part of the sanctions regime. The players will just have to fulfil their contracts or quit or whatever and presumably be financially penalized in some way.

  • Iljas Baker says:

    Here is what was quoted in The Guardian this morning:

    “In order to facilitate the departure of foreign players and coaches from Russia, in the event that clubs affiliated to the Football Union of Russia (FUR) do not reach a mutual agreement with their respective foreign players and coaches before or on 10 March 2022 … the foreign players and coaches will have the right to unilaterally suspend their employment contracts with the FUR-affiliated clubs in question until the end of the season in Russia (30 June 2022),” Fifa said.

    If Fifa don’t allow players to unilaterally cancel their contracts rather than simply suspend them until June I don’t think there’s be too much interest in them as there’s too little of the season left to take them on board and too much uncertainty after June.

    Thus as previously stated: help the players if possible but don’t help the Russians by breaking sanctions and taking players for even a cut-price fee.

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