Celtic Site Confirms Our Suspicions: Ibrox Is Lying To Its Own Fans Yet Again.

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Craig, at CelticsAreHere, has a cracking exclusive this morning on the subject this site wrote about last night; Ibrox’s claim to be earning the same as Celtic are for the Australian tour.

Craig says he spoke to someone in a position to know and has been told that this claim is nonsense and that Celtic will earn more.

Having a fair idea who he might have talked to I can say that his information is almost certainly right on the money … if you’ll pardon the pun.

As numerous journalists have pointed out, in completely different contexts – ticketing and other areas – and as this site has said over and over again, relations between the two clubs are absolutely rock bottom.

They do not work together on anything.

There are no joint negotiations, even on something like this … that was never our concern.

It’s when you understand this, and apply some common sense to the situation, that you recognise the utter falsehood that is being foisted onto their fans over this. Celtic were the ones initially brought in by the organisers.

They wanted us and they wanted Ange. There is no question at all that we are the star attraction.

Remember, for the organisers this is about more than one game.

They want Ange to be at the centre of the whole event. Furthermore, the match itself is likely to be played with two skeleton teams if it goes ahead at all … and that’s still up in the air in my view.

So of course we’re getting the higher fee.

I read carefully what the Ibrox “spokesman” said the other day, and perhaps the press were fed a lie wrapped in the truth to make it slightly more palatable, and If that’s what happened I can tell you exactly what that “truth” would have been.

It’s entirely possible – I don’t think it’s the case, but it’s possible – that both clubs are getting the same money for that one particular match … but that Celtic is being paid far more than they are for taking part in the tour in the first place.

That allows Ibrox a bit of wiggle room.

But I have my doubts, primarily because the organisers could have lined up any opponent for Ange’s home-coming and it would have been a huge deal.

I still reckon we got more both for our participation and for that individual game, and CeltsAreHere have spoken to someone who says that’s the case, and I believe that and their source 100%.

Even a common sense reading of this situation would lead you to draw that conclusion, and really the only thing about it which raises hackles is the question as to whether or not the Ibrox board would lie to their own fans and the media.

And let’s face it, we know for sure that they do that all the time.

Congratulations to Craig on an excellent article.

You can read it here.

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  • Tony B says:

    Of course we’ll get more than the second fiddlers tribute act.

    They are very much a supporting act on the bill and have been since their birth in 2012.

  • SSMPM says:

    If our board, were or will be, in joint negotiations with the 2012 club over anything then that will be it for me. IMO any increase in appeasement of that scum, including a match in Oz later in the year is a betrayal.
    Joint negotiations with them simply for a business deal means we accept their foul and abusive racist anti Catholic bile and the death and harm inflicted on some of Celtic’s fans by their filthy british nationalists supporters.

  • Mark B says:

    I dont really care. I care about winning on the pitch. They are almost in the last 8 of the Europa League that is some achievement. My focus is winning this league. They are a good side, you dont get to last 8 in Europa if you are not decent. We last did that 2004 with Larsson, Sutton et al. So lets get focussed on the only thing that matters – league points! We are in a fight let us not be complacent. We beat them without Morelos they are a completely different side when he plays well. Let us play our game but not think this is going to be easy. We probably need one win against them and the league will be ours, whether that is Ibrox or Celtic Park. Even two draws might be enough

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