Celtic’s “International Injury Crisis” Is Absolutely Nothing To Worry About.

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What a media flap today over a couple of our players being out of their respective international squads.

Rogic and Maeda should be fit for Ibrox, as neither has anything serious up with them, but to read the media you’d think we had a selection crisis.

Actually, even if neither makes it for Ibrox we are in pretty good shape.

Maeda is unfit because he’s played such a tremendous lot of football. Rogic picked up a knock at the weekend so it is hardly a galloping shock that he wasn’t fit for the Aussie team.

There was always a chance that his injury would rule him out for at least one of their games.

I expect that both will be ready for the coming challenges in April.

But even if they are not, so what? Kyogo is on the way back and Turnbull is fit. Giakoumakis is the central striker right now and Maeda plays out wide. If he’s in the team either Jota or Abada is out of it, so imagine he’s injured; one of them can comfortably step into the role.

There is absolutely nothing for Celtic fans to be in the least bit worried about.

We have the best squad in the country and we’ve been dealing with injury issues the whole season. We were down to the bare bones towards the end of November, and we still managed to get to January with a decent chance of overhauling the enemy … which we did.

We will certainly survive this.

It’s a pin-prick compared to the struggles we’ve had throughout this campaign, and that’s even accounting for the fact that I suspect that the players will make it and be in the squad. The media is clutching at every straw it can.

It is truly desperate stuff from them.

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