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Club 1872 Finally Admits It; The Celtic Blogs Were Right All Along.

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The rabid press release out of Ibrox yesterday was notable because it escalated a situation that was already pretty bad and turned it into something much worse. It was sparked by two things; the protests erupting over the AngeBall Tour and by an equally incendiary statement which Club 1872 had put out on social media shortly before.

In that statement, Club 1872 does not hold back.

They opened with the Australia game, but they didn’t stop at that.

No wonder there has been little media scrutiny of what they actually said.

Their statement essentially admits that their fans have been taken for mugs. The press doesn’t want to go into detail because it proves that they were too.

In fact, what Club 1872’s statement does is confirm that the only people who have properly understood the relationship between their club and their supporters are Celtic fans.

It confirms that the blogs have had it right all the way down the line.

Wow. Who knew, eah?

An important paragraph of the Club 1872 statement reads thus;

“The experience of Club 1872 Directors, both past and present, is that Rangers’ Executive Team, led by Stewart Robertson, James Bisgrove and David Graham, has developed an extremely unhealthy disdain for the Rangers support and that inaccurate information has regularly been disseminated through the club’s own public statements, briefings to fan media and highly selective leaks to a small group of individuals within the Rangers support.”

In short, this is their shareholder’s organisation saying that they’ve been lying to the supporters on a regular basis. Which sounds familiar, and it should, because we’ve been saying much the same thing to them.

Not only do they even hit them on specifics, but they claim to have documentary evidence that lies have been told to them on a whole range of issues.

“Club 1872 also has documentary and other evidence that over the past two years, since the appointment of new Communications Director, David Graham, supporters have been regularly fed inaccurate information on issues ranging from player transfers, commercial activities and merchandise to shareholder relations.”

Isn’t that amazing? Remember, this is all stuff we’ve been saying all along.

They have identified MyGers as a money-grab. What a shocker that is. They have realised that David Graham shouldn’t be near a major football club. Jesus, what a breakthrough in understanding. Appparently their cryptocurrency “investments” – which they sold to fans as safe despite a rash of scandals all across football, have fallen in value by 90%.

Remember, we’ve debated the sanity of those as well.

I am going to go into their statement in more detail at another time – tomorrow possibly because there’s a lot to process in it – but these are incredible realisations for them to have reached, albiet a little late in the day.

The Ibrox board has lied to them over and over again, and they now not only recognise this … but they say that they can prove it and this is why the club has turned on them.

Anyone who thinks this can be resolved easily is dreaming.

This is going nuclear.

They have levelled a quite incredible series of allegations at the club and it has responded with a flamethrower statement which accuses them of peddling “propaganda” and threatening to sort them out.

In our wildest dreams, we couldn’t have hoped for an unravelling like this, nor for greater vindication.

We were right all along, and they’ve admitted it.

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  • Dora says:

    What a disgusting klub that new ranger int footy klub is…rotten to the kore, so popular in the footballing world but they don’t care apparently..!!

  • Peterbrady says:

    They are imploding and devouring themselves from within and long may it continue till they disappear from the planet the galaxy the whole universe dirty filthy scum veermin HAiL HAIl cmon the hoops

  • NICK66 says:

    And the biggest lie of all is, wait for it, wait just a bit, hang on, the biggy is Sevco IS Rangers. Of all the lies they’re fed that’s the one they cannot BEAR.

  • Andrew mcdowall says:

    Well away back in the white & kellys time at parkhead they also lied to the Celtic fans just like the newco board of ipox so much money is owed out maybe there is hope at the end of the tunnel but newco news a lot of cash a 110% investment to save them the club is on thin ice

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