Even The Hacks Are Laughing At The Ibrox Fans Latest Unseen Hand Conspiracy Theory.

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You know that things have become a desperate joke in La La Land when even the mainstream media is turning the spotlight on them and subjecting them to mocking laugher, and that’s where we are today as some of the hacks grin over the latest Ibrox conspiracy theory.

Reading their forums in the last few days has been highly amusing, as anger has swept through them in relation to how various international managers have decided to deploy their resources.

A whole slew of them were getting in the neck, including Steve Clarke.

The reason for this is simple – I use that word loosely, in the way that these deranged Sevconuts use it.

Celtic’s players were spared the harshest possible international environment.

They were played in the first games and rested for the second.

If you believe the lunacy leeching out of those forums, the opposite was true of their own players; they were saved for the second games and thus will be more tired and less ready than ours.

Of particular concern is that Ryan Jack played for Scotland whilst our players watched last night’s game from the bench.

This is the Unseen Fenian Hand at its most powerful, placing our club at the centre of a vast global conspiracy where the international managers of Greece, Japan, Sweden, Croatia, Scotland and Israel all played their part in the charade.

At least two writers – one in The Scotsman and one in The Herald – have openly mocked these moon-howlers.

That’s a change of pace from the media, which more often than not indulges this kind of craziness.

Their job was made considerably easier by the fact that one of them managed to embarrass himself on the Radio Clyde phone-in.

At times like this, you really do marvel at them, and it would be funny except that some of these people are obviously dangerous to themselves and others … the idea that so many people, from all different parts of the world, are engaged in a sweeping plan to prevent them from winning the league is obviously insane, but they believe it and they believe it in part because this is a country that has told them such conspiracies have happened before.

Yesterday, I talked about the wonderful podcast which Graham Spiers did with Alex Thomson; let’s not forget that the narrative which has emerged from that period – and which this blog calls The Victim Lie – is that just such a conspiracy did exist, that it involved almost every club in Scotland, that it involved HMRC, that it involved government ministers, that it involved two banks and the upper echelons of Scottish football governance …

And the media which is mocking this particular theory has long stoked that one.

If these Peepul have gone crazy over time, it’s because the media fed that craziness itself.

They shouldn’t be surprised at the mad ways in which it manifests itself.

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