Has Ange Found The Answer To Winning At Livingston? One Player Can Make The Difference.

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Whatever way we line up at Livingston, we’re going to need to be armed with a different kind of player to get the job done. We have gone there so often and been weak and pitiful and easily bullied up front and at the back. There may be a big difference here.

For openers, Carter Vickers is the physical match of anyone they might throw up front against us. But it’s at the other end of the pitch where we now have an option we haven’t used up there in a while; a centre forward could can hold up the ball.

But big Giakoumakis may give us the edge that we need.

The manager faced a difficult decision over whether to put the big man into the team in midweek; I think his availability proves me made the right call.

He has the presence about him which makes it tough for sides to simply stack players in the way. He can barge defenders, he is imposing. We have lacked a player like that for a while, since Dembele at least and before him God knows who.

A striker who can bully defenders a bit is crucial in a match like this against a packed penalty area. And whilst there’s a lot to be said about the movement of someone like Kyogo, I think the Greek might be the better bet on afternoons like Sunday, even when we have a fully fit squad. You pick the tools for each specific job, and he would be in the team for me.

We can’t know until kick-off how it will go, and some will point to the Celtic Park game where he missed the penalty and express their doubts; it feels like a lifetime ago for both the team and the big man himself.

He has settled in now, and some dominant displays have made him a big hit with the fans. He will feel confident, and we can have confidence in him.

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  • Doc says:

    The guy must start as he is the one player who can really torment livys tactics as sitting in their area for 90 minutes. Getting the ball through to him in that way will create real opportunities for him to breach this mobs defence and negative style. They are due a pasting for their anti football tactics.

  • jrm63 says:

    You must be watching somebody else. He does not hold the ball up. He hits it at goal. I cannot think of any striker who preferred the near post in the decades I have watched Celtic. It is very unusual. Central defenders hate playing against him, they are not used to that. Him and Morelos on the back stick would make some partnership. Just saying. Reminds me of Sheringham

  • Mark B says:

    If play him for sure Sunday. Interesting comment about Morelos. He is their biggest threat by a mile. When he doesn’t play (like in the 3-0 game) they are. A much weaker team. Let’s hope Gio plays and scores we need to win.

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