Ibrox Confirms The Appalling Fixture Will Take Place Whilst Celtic Remains Silent.

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With Celtic utterly silent at the time of writing this, Ibrox has gone first and confirmed that the so-called “international friendly” will take place in Australia. As you might expect, they are talking up the financial benefits of the game.

They are even calling it an “Old Firm fixture.”

So Ange’s proud home-coming has now been utterly commandeered for the purposes of promoting an idea that our fans have been dead-set against for years.

So congratulations, Celtic, on bringing the full-on shit-show to bear.

You have used the manager in a disgraceful and cynical fashion and cast a dark cloud over what should have been a great occasion for him. You have allowed one of his proudest moments to become a show-case for a hate-fest.

In doing so you have not only insulted him but you have insulted the collective Celtic family.

You, our own board of directors. You should be ashamed.

Hide as you will.

Or release the details now that Ibrox has done it already.

It doesn’t matter. The damage is done and the scandal of it is profound.

The announcement yesterday was a piece of gutless perfidy.

With-holding the names bore all the hallmarks of a naughty child being caught doing something they knew was wrong.

Perhaps the worst thing about this is that you are not in the least bit unaware that this will go down like a lead weight.

You just don’t give a shit but were still too gutless to front up.

This stinks, all of it, from the cynical exploitation of a good man to the shoddy way you’ve gone about doing it.

Over there they are boasting about “sizeable financial benefits.”

Well, if that’s what this comes down to – the shameless grubbing after money – then we’ll just have to see what we can do on this end.

The match is eight months away.

That’s a long time for Celtic fans to have the opportunity to pull back from their spending on club merchandise.

It’s a long time for Celtic fans to eschew any commercial “offers” that the club makes.

If enough of us are sufficiently moved to do it, I am betting we could cost the club at least what it is making out of this despicable exercise, rendering the whole reason for it moot.

And that, you know, is exactly what Celtic fans should now vow to do.

Which is to say nothing for any “promotion” of the game itself, which as far as I’m concerned might as well involve two totally different clubs as I won’t watch it, won’t endorse it and won’t publicise it in the final weeks except to urge everyone to do something else that day.

Protest in front of the stadium maybe. That’s where I want to be.

The club has known for years that this was not on, that fans would not tolerate it, that it was the one commercial move which you were not to make under any circumstances.

Not only have you utterly ignored that but you’ve done so in a way that will cast a dark cloud over the homecoming of our good and decent manager and that, as much as the contempt for the fans themselves, is what stings the most here and crosses the line in the worst way.

This is giving Ange Postecoglou a using.

Shame on every single one of you for that.

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  • Pan says:

    I am absolutely ashamed of our gutless Board.

  • Peterbrady says:

    Every fan every supporter every supporter club must contact Celtic plc and demand this is cancelled no more faceless accountants dictate our club policy

  • Peterbrady says:

    All supporters must cancel DDS and supcritions immediately no more also this board might scunner Ange and he resigns he will not be manipulated by these faceless items

    WE ARE CELTIC no fucking more

  • Kevan McKeown says:

    Absolutely spot on. Shameless greed from this board. They’ve given the other lot unexpected and undeserved publicity, a big pay day and at the same time, making theirselves look like idiots. Not even to go into how theyve used our manager to achieve it. No wonder those inside ibrox are ‘delighted’ to accept. Celtic support should hit these greed motivated bastards where it hurts, in their pockets. It’s the only way. Absolutely furious at this disgrace.

  • SSMPM says:

    If true, Ange must have been consulted about this. I have to believe that the club/Ange has, for God knows what reason, not really taken onboard the strength of feeling of our fans against the rankers and their orange order. Our fan’s desire is to isolate them from our club as much as is possible.
    Our board’s focus seems to be to isolate our fans from Celtic. Its not too late Celtic, its a mistake, a big bad one, do the right thing now and rectify this. HH

  • Scud Missile says:

    Another who has written this article blind to the fact that the 2 Glasgow clubs live and feed of each other why are you acting and being stupid towards this agreement.
    Celtic is good for sevco and it’s the other way around as well lets not beat about the (Kate) sorry bush here.
    Both clubs CHISEL as much money from the gullible fans every year with both sets of supporters throwing money the clubs purchasing season books Celtic and sevco TV 3 football kits a year KERCHING.
    Go and dry your eyes your all getting bumped right left and centre a don’t blame the boards I blame the fans fir being stupid and oblivious to it all while both clubs run along to the bank with the cash they just CHISELED from the fans.

  • Scud Missile says:

    Aw mankie frankie taking the nip did I touch a raw nerve with you.

  • Stephen McAdam says:

    This will be a disaster we all know huns dont travel ! Only in ” brigadoon ” scotland is their weirdo behaviours tolerated and we know why! Pull the plug on this Celtic! I lived in Sydney and let me tell you this city is in for a shock if this happens it be international news in a horrendous way! when huns riot and nothing is surer! We be slap bang in the middle of it!!This board are either thick or just dont care ! And for me they will have blood on their hands literally as we well know as do they! It’s bad enough having to play them here! Want to ruin a worldwide reputation for a World class fanbase! Step forward bankier and bas$$ds like desmond! But they dont live in the real world we do! There is no amount of money that can soften this plus we dont need the poison! See their doing there ” stalker” like ex again promoting this whereas as you say that joke of a board did the ” shaggy ( it easnt me)thing and the Celtic liassion guy Jp profess to know nothing of it! which I dont believe for a second! We as a fanbase must make sure this does not happen it madness for our Club to even think about it and disgraceful!

  • John Haran says:

    I think you are way off the mark. I agree that its not the Old Firm, that died in 2012.
    However, there are tens of thousands of Celtic fans living in Australia that constantly promote Celtic AND the clubs values. Of course there has to be a financial gain in coming to Australia. The biggest insult to Ange, is to deny him of funds that he needs to put Celtic back on top. That includes Europe, where the other lot have left us with many un answered
    questions. How can you be a Celtic supporter and promote action that could cause a financial dissadvantage to your club.

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