Ignore The “New Kyogo Injury” Nonsense. These People Have No Inside Track At Celtic.

Image for Ignore The “New Kyogo Injury” Nonsense. These People Have No Inside Track At Celtic.

A ridiculous story has spread across the internet in the last few days, about Kyogo suffering a “fresh injury setback” at Celtic.

The thing is, this story has absolutely no basis in fact or reality. You don’t even need to dig deep to find out that it’s pure speculation and irresponsible speculation at that. This is not somebody with an inside track.

This is someone sitting miles from the action at Lennoxtown and extrapolating.

He has looked at the injury to Kyogo and is trying to work out how long he should have been out for. And because those numbers don’t watch he speculates – and that’s all this is – that there’s a fresh injury issue with him.

This guy does not know anything; he’s shooting in the dark.

Just read what this guy actually said, and from which some in the press are determined to get a headline. It’s garbage.

“Postecoglou has almost backtracked on his initial comments where he said he was nearing a return.”

That is nonsense right Ange has gone out of his way not give a timeframe on the injury. Do these people even pay attention?

“Has he suffered a setback? Is there another problem? It’s possible.”

In other words, you have no idea and are just pulling stuff out of your arse.

“Or is it the same issue niggling away?”

Oh I guess none of us ever thought of that, eah?

“It’s not until you’re reintegrated into the squad that they’ll know the full picture.”

And it’s not until then that this joker will have the full picture either.

Honestly, the number of people online who simply seek attention by pushing such ignorant suppositions as if they had special knowledge – and we see that this guy has no knowledge at all, not direct knowledge – seems to be growing every day.

I had never heard of this “injury expert” until recently; I didn’t even know the media talked to “injury experts”.

What I do know is that this particular individual doesn’t work on the Celtic medical team and he’s suggested that our manager lied or misled fans when he did no such thing.

That, to me, is where we should cease listening to a word he says.

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  • SSMPM says:

    What about Jack or Ramsey, guess he had nothing to say on them. Its a one way street with Scottish hun media and press so it was ignored before it was thought of. Kyogo may be suffering though, having to listen to that tosh repeatedly. HH

  • Damian says:

    Fair enough. No inside track here either. So I’ll just stick to:

    Our best striker has been injured for some time, remains injured and is not expected to return from injury any time soon.

  • Funtime frankie says:

    This crap probably from experts either Boyd, Rae or Hutton or likewise, these people all know nothing about nothing.

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