It’s Starting To Look Like Celtic’s Will Field A B Team For The Game That Is Shattering Ibrox.

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The story of Australia gets crazier with every minute that passes, and developments on the international stage have today changed things again.

The Celtic fans, many of whom are wholly opposed to the Gutter Ball, have made their views known to the club in a measured, responsible fashion.

At Ibrox, it is the spark that has triggered a full-scale civil war which has been brewing for many, many months.

The most amazing thing about this match is how low-key it looks as if it’s going to be, and I’ll be honest; the longer this goes on and the more this match is slowly, but surely, stripped down to the point where it is simply “just another friendly” the less opposed to it I find myself becoming.

Oh, I’m still not going to watch it, and I will be incensed if the club decides to go down the road of making this a regular feature on the calendar … but as a one-off fixture it is clearly not going to enhance their reputations in the way it once might have.

Part of that is the World Cup, and today’s development is interesting on that front. Japan has now qualified for the competition, and that further reduces the significance of the friendlies because it guarantees that some of our best players won’t be in the team.

In fact, when you look at the players we’re likely to have on international duty – and the possibility exists that there will be friendly games as well even for some of the teams who have not qualified – it looks certain that the games will be played with skeleton squads.

What does that do to the mythical “status” of the game?

The impression grows that this really isn’t something worth getting into a twist about.

That’s why Ibrox’s meltdown is so much fun to watch; their club is pulling itself to bits over something that’s just not that important … glorified kick-about under the hot Australian sun.

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  • Scud Missile says:

    We know that but the BENNYS can’t grasp that or understand it,typical blinkers on can’t see anything but hatred for Celtic and their fans.
    If King is so concerned about the situation at sevco why doesn’t he step forward and DOUBLE DOWN with the £3 million not to play the game by giving BIG MIKE CASHLEY his 10 to £12 million owed to him through the retail deal.

  • REBELLIOUS says:

    Do I detect a mellowing in your attitude towards this match?
    My bet is that mellowing continues and by game time in November you’ll be watching same as everyone else.

  • Seppington says:

    I see the Herald is say that the scum are “increasingly likely” to pull out due to “branding issues”? Is that because the promo poster referred to them correctly as “The Rangers”? Sorry scumbags but in the topsy-turvy upside-down place that is Australia they do their jobs and tell the truth without worrying about perpetuating falsehoods just to soothe savage gullibillies!

  • Hatate Hat-trick! says:

    The Lying King will bail them oot then skin them AGANE wae interest added on BAWAHAHAHAHAHA!! Pack ae Cairds is that right ya Squinty Eyed Fuker!!

  • Stevie says:

    Have to disagree here mate.
    They could play the u-12s for all I care.
    The fact our board got together with their board to sell the o#* F*#* brand is the real disgrace and should not be forgotten.

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